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yes, a redshirt football player CAN play in games. However, if they do play, even a single down, they lose their redshirt status

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Q: Can a division 1 red shirt football player play any games?
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If in football a player catches the ball in his shirt is this allowed?


What would be considered to be a classic football shirt?

A classic or vintage football shirt is normally a shirt that has been worn by a player that is now retired. These shirts can have a slightly different logo or coloring than the current team's jersey.

Which football player wears number 6 shirt?

Johnny ertl

Can a red shirt football player play in bowls game?


Who is David Beckham's biggest enemy football player?

you in the Ronaldo shirt

In football who was the best ever player to wear the number 7 shirt?


Which Celtic football player wears number 3 shirt?

lee naylor

What football player has the number 32?

Carlos Tevez wheres the number 32 shirt

Does a pro football player in the English game have to have is name on hes shirt when playing?

They don't have to, but they usually do, especially in the top leagues. Occasionally you will see a player whose shirt has got too muddy or ripped or has blood on it, and they change it for a plain shirt with no name or number.

How much is a Pompey football shirt?

how much is a Pompey football shirt

What colour shirt Italy soccer player?

Italy national football team play in blue and white.

Can a college football player gray shirt and then also red shirt?

A player that greyshirts starts his 5 year athletic eligibility the 2nd semester of his first year. He can then redshirt the following year and have 3.5 years of eligibility remaining. Since football is a first semester sport, he can then play 4 full seasons of football, having practiced with the team an additional 2 years, one as a grey shirt (practicing in the fall but not becoming a student until the spring) and one as a red shirt (enrolled and practicing, but not appearing in a game).

What is the color of Uruguays football shirt?

The colour of Uruguay's football shirt is light blue.

Which football player wears the no 8 shirt for Liverpool?

English attacking midfielder Steven Gerrard wears the number 8 shirt for Liverpool FC. He is also the captain of the squad.

What color is the England football shirt?

The home England football shirt is white and away is red.

What is a football jersey?

a football jersey is a football players shirt

What does RS mean in football?

RS means red shirt in football. This is found in college football and to be red shirted means a football player does not play in their freshman year, rather they wait in order to gain an additional year of playing time.

How do you remove shirt sponsor from football shirt?

You can't

How much does a football shirt weigh in kg?

That depends on the size of the shirt.

Which football team does not have tou wear an away shirt?

every single football team in the world has an away shirt.

What colour are the three lions motif on the England football shirt?

The three lions on the England football shirt are blue.

How do you remove sponsor from shirt football?

throw your shirt in the bin

Which Northern Ireland International football player wears the number 23 for Sunderland Football team?

Republic of Ireland international, James McLean, currently wears the number 23 shirt at Sunderland.

How do you remove letters from a football shirt?

There are not many ways to remove letters from a football shirt. You can however try to steam iron them off.

Can a football player hind the ball under there shirt?

They cannot... against the rules... otherwise everyone would do it to stop from fumbling while running