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No, this is one of the ways to get called for defensive holding. 5 yard penalty, replay the down.

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Q: Can a defensive lineman grab a offensive lineman in football?
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Can an offensive lineman grab the back of a defensive lineman's helmet and throw them to the ground?

No, it would be holding (if he was caught)

Can a defensive player grab an offensive player by the jersey?

sometimes, it depends where

Why can't football lineman wear long sleeves in cold weather?

If football offensive linemen, wore long sleeves it would give their opponents something extra to grab a hold of to throw them out of the way. Additionally, offensive linemen have their jersey sleeves tied up instead of hanging loose like their other teammates.

Can you grab the football out of the hands of a football player?

Yes, as long as the player is not considered tackled a defensive player may strip the ball from the ball carrier.

Can a defensive player use his hands to grab hold of the offensive player and throw him down and not be called for holding?

Only if the officials don't see it!

Is it legal to grab the chest pad of the opposite player when blocking in football as long as your face is in their chest and you have control?

As an offensive lineman you would be guilty of holding. In this situation, it is difficult for the referee to see the grabbing inside the opponents arms. Some coaches teach this "cheat" for that very reason.

What is the Average size of high school football offensive lineman?

well to be an offensive linemen u might want to be somewhere above (at minimum) 5'9 in order for you to grab your oppositions numbers an throw him aside. secondly (and MOST IMPORTANTLY!) u might want to weigh >200 lbs and bench a lot of weight so that your opposition cant push you around. You will also need to practice alot and make sure that those 200 lbs are muscle weight and not fat cause fat is usually never good. If you are, an offensive lineman and you grab your opponent by the numbers and throw them aside you will if caught are called for holding and receive a ten-yard penalty. High school linemen that play usually weigh from 220lb-285lbs

Can you pull someones jersey in football?

can you grab someones football Jersey in nfl football

How do you spell the word grab in past tense?

He "Grabbed" the football.

What happens if there are two people in the end zone at the same time when the disc is caught?

There can be any number of people in the end zone when the disc is caught in ultimate Frisbee; the game would continue as normal. Now, if an offensive and defensive player both grab a disc in the end zone, then the play would go to the offensive player.

Can you grab the defensive players helmet?

No. Grasping any part of the helmet or the chin strap will result in a personal foul penalty.

Similarities between basketball and football?

U can grab the ball ,u can run with it

How do you write to a football club?

You grab a pencil and write on paper to make words then mail it to them

How can you use the word snag in a sentence?

it means to grab something. Ex. Snag on that football.

Is shoving your arm in someone's face an illegal move?

for football no but if you grab and hold yes

How many rebounds did Magic Johnson grab in his career?

Magic Johnson grabbed a total of 6,559 rebounds during his NBA career. He grabbed 1,601 offensive rebounds and 4,958 defensive rebounds. Johnson had a career average of 7.2 RPG (1.8 ORG and 5.5 DRG).

How do you score a defensive touchdown in NFL street?

tackle the QB extra hard to make a fumble thin grab it and run 4 a td

On a force out at second base in softball the defensive player can?

grab the ball so you can try to make it in the other persons goal

What counts as a tackle?

you must grab them around the body and take them down from that i know this because i play football

Can you stiff arm to the face in college football?

Yes you can, as long as you don't grab onto their face mask.

What is the definition of 'holing' in American football?

It's "holding", not "holing". A player is not permitted to grab onto a player who does not have the football, nor is he allowed to hold him down if he's on the ground.

Why girls should not play wrestling and football?

because someone could grab your boobs and say they are play the game.

How can you get worn spikes out of football cleats?

Grab a pair of pliers, and untwist the piece until it fully comes off.

Is there a penalty for grabbing a NFL football players hair?

they cant even grab their hair because they are wearing helmets

Can you tackle players that don't have the ball in High School Football?

You can block them, but you cannot tackle them. If you grab a player who does not have the ball you will be penalized for Holding.