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Q: Can a defensive basketball player step on endline when defending an offensive player driving baseline?
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Can a defensive basketball player step on end line when cutting off baseline offensive drive?

Yes it is perfectly leagal

What is the official size of a basketball?

An NBA size Basketball court is 94 feet from baseline to baseline and 50 feet from sideline to sideline.

Which sport is related to baseline and carry?


Can a player move along the baseline when inbounding a pass and they are on offensive and in the offensive zone?

yes the player is allowed to move so far along the baseline

In basketball do you want to force your man baseline or in the middle?

Baseline so you can trap him there. Middle is the main focus of your defense.

How far is the pole base from the baseline in basketball?

2.857 feet

What is the area from the baseline to the free throw line in basketball?

2 point area

What is the drill called when you run back and forth in basketball?

Assuming you mean back and forth from sideline to sideline or baseline to baseline, that would be called a suicide.

What is a baseline in volleyball?

it is the big thick line behind the back board

Also reffered as the baseline?

The baseline in basketball is the boundary line running along the width of the court. This line is used to pass in the ball when the opposite teams scores.

What are the official metric dimensions of a basketball court?

NCAA and NBA: 2 courts of 47 feet by 50 feet each w/ 2 inch dividing center line. 94' 2" total length (inside) baseline to baseline High School: 2 courts of 42 feet by 50 feet each w/ 2 inch dividing center line. 84' 2" total length (inside) baseline to baseline. FIBA: 2 courts of 45.93 by 49.21 feet each w/ 2 inch dividing center line. 92.03' total length (inside) baseline to baseline.

How do you beat a trap in basketball?

Basketball teams must be prepared to beat a trapping team. Many teams will use a full-court press which is designed to trap the basketball, while other teams will use a half-court trapping defense or a combination of both. Traps are usually set by two defenders on one offensive player with the ball. The most common areas teams try to trap the basketball are the half-court line, the sidelines and the baseline. * Don't Dribble Into A Trap* Pass The Basketball When You See The Trap Coming* Avoid Common Trapping Area When Possible. (Half-Court, Sideline, Baseline)* Remember If Two Defenders Trap One Offensive Player Then There Will Be An Open Player Somewhere On The Court. Find The Open Player and Pass The Basketball Over the TrapView The Link Below To Coach A Winning Team For In-Depth Article On How To Beat A Trap.