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Yes, there are no rules stipulating that defenders are not allowed in the box when a goal kick is being taken. Case in point: Some defenders are known to take goal kicks for the goalkeepers, and given that the ball is in the box for the goal kick, the defender is already in the box along with the goalkeeper whilst taking it.

Do take note though, that the ball must be passed out of the box from a goal kick, i.e, the goal kick cannot be passed to a teammate (defender or otherwise) who is also in the box.

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2009-10-10 14:29:19
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Q: Can a defender stay in the box when a goal kick is taken?
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Does a defender stay near the goal in football?

Yes when the other team is attackingandtrying to score but when you have the ball you push uo to the halfway line.

What does the Goal shooter do in Netball?

the goal shooter in netball is only allowed to stay in the end they're team is shooting and is not allowed to come in the middle third! the shooter can shoot in the goal and can defend the ball when they miss their goal.! they also have a defender which is called a GK and the GK is usually instructed to follow every move the GS makes!! so you have to try and trick them!

Should ages 8 and above when a goal kick is being taken does all the players have to be out of the penalty box and defenders of the opposing team have to be on the outside line of the box penalty box?

No, the players can stay in the box but the ball can't touch them until it has touched a player on either team. If they do it is a redo.

Is the goal keeper required to have their feet on the goal line during the taking of a penalty kick?

The goal keeper is required to stay on their line until the ball is kicked. As a practical matter this almost never happens with the goal keeper coming off the line early. The extent of violation that is considered trifling by the referee is a judgment call.

What where the rules of soccer?

No using your hand(unless your the goalie) No pushing with your hands, but you can shoulder people. you have to stay in bounds(the white lines) and if your team kicks it out then the other team gets the throw-in You can't pass the ball back to your goalie and have her/him pick it up, but the goalie can kick it you can only slidetackle if your A: going for the ball and B:your toes are pointed. You can't be offsides You cant be offsides in a through-in Hands behind your head and feet STAY on the ground during a throw-in The goalie CAN come out of the box but they cant pick up the ball If the ball is kicked inside the goal box and goes out of bounds its a goal kick, if the ball is kicked out of bounds but OUTSIDE of the goal box it is a corner kick. During a penalty kick/free kick you must stay 10-15 yards away from the ball during a kick off the ball must be kicked in front of the line (this isnt all of the rules)

Is the goalkeeper allowed to move during a penalty kick?

The goal keeper must stay on the goal line. Side-to-side movement is allowed, but not forward until the ball is kicked. Obviously, lifting the feet is allowed in order to move from side-to-side.

What does goal mean in in The Outsiders?

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What is a free kick in soccer?

When one team is penalized, the other usually gets a "free kick". There are two types of free kicks (direct & indirect) and a special type of Direct Free Kick called a Penalty Kick:* Direct Free Kick - Where a goal may be scored by kicking the ball directly into the opponent's goal without anyone else touching it (although it still counts if someone else does touch it). * Indirect Free Kick - On which a goal may be scored only if another player touches the ball before it enters the goal, and is signaled by the referee's raised arm (which will remain up until the ball is touched by another player). If on an Indirect Free Kick the ball is kicked into the goal without anyone else touching it (other than the kicker) the goal does not count and the other team is awarded a goal kick. However, if the ball is touched by a player on either team, including the goalkeeper, before it goes into the goal, the goal counts.* Penalty Kick - When a player commits a foul within his own Penalty Area, which would normally result in a Direct Free Kick, the other team is given a Penalty KickOn Direct & Indirect Free Kicks, defenders must stay away from the kicker (6 yards if U-8, 8 yards if U-10 & 10 yards for U-12 & older) until a player on the kicking team moves the ball, if they don't they can receive a yellow card. On Penalty Kicks, everyone but the kicker & goalkeeper must stay out of the Penalty Box until the kicker moves the ball.

What was mussolii's goal?

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What are penalty kicks in soccer?

Penalty kicks are when an offensive player is fouled inside the penalty box. Then a player from that team will kick the ball from the penalty spot. Only the goalkeeper and the kicker are allowed inside the penalty box at the time of the kick. The goalkeeper must stay on the goal line until the ball is kicked. The ball must go completely over the line for the goal to count.

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