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Depends what sport! ^^

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Q: Can a convicted felon be a youth sport coach?
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How do you get in the Youth Olympics?

you join a sport and practise hard. this is how you get it in to the youth Olympics if the teacher or coach allows or pick you to the nationals

What is youth sport?

youth sport is a sport that young people do up to about age range 10-20 is a youth and they just do sports together

Where can you go to be a certified youth sports coach?

the National Alliance for Youth Sports.....

Can a high-school football coach coach youth football?

yes if he wants to

Is a youth club a sport club?

Youth clubs are not sport clubs, but there should be sports available at a decent club e.g. table tennis

Can teenagers coach youth wrestling?

only if your 18+

What certifications are required to coach youth soccer?


Which youth sport has the most cheating?


How much money does a youth soccer coach earn in the us?

Most all youth soccer coaches are volunteers.

Which youth sport has the biggest decline in participation?

Hockey because....its such a hard-nosed sport

What are the release dates for Sport Thrills Athletic Youth - 1938?

Sport Thrills Athletic Youth - 1938 was released on: USA: 20 August 1938

Can a felon coach youth football at school football field?

It really depends on the individual program as to what they will allow. If it is allowed, it would depend heavily on what the felony was for. Anything that would be considered a violent crime or a danger to the children would almost definitely not be allowed.

What youth sport has the highest death rate?


How much are youth basketball coaches paid?

usually, if the youth coach you are talking about is coaching a Y-ball team, the coaches are volenteers:))))

What is the youth sport that causes the most injuries?

Cheerleading or gymnastics is the most dangerous sport and it has been proven

What 2 things were Socrates convicted of?

According to Plato in the Apology, his teacher Socrates was convicted of 1.) Corrupting the youth and 2.) disrespecting the gods.

Most popular youth sport in US?

probably basketball or football

What is china's famous sport in youth olympic games?

Table Tennis.

Who is Chishimba Kambwili?

Chishimba Kambwili is the Minister of Youth and Sport in Zambia.

What sport did houdini play?

Houdini was a cross country runner during his youth years. He was a champion in this sport for his area of competition.

What is the most popular youth sport in America?

my geuss is either basketball or soccer.

What youth organized sport is most popular in the world?

little league baseball

Who is Bruce ryza?

Apparently a youth association baseball coach. Nothing else is found in a google search.

Can you put a shotgun slug in a rossi youth shotgun sport barrel?

Depends on what it is choked.

Whose is Etomonia TARPEH?

Etomonia TARPEH is the Minister of Youth & Sport in Liberia.

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