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Colleges can compete for conference championships not state

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Q: Can a college football team win a state championship or only high school?
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Who won the college football championship in 1986?

Penn State 12-0

Who played in the college football national championship 2007?

LSU & Ohio State

Who won the 1991 National Championship in college football?

Colorado state buffs

What team won the 2002 college football National championship?

Ohio State Buckeyes

Who won the NCAA College Football Championship in 2008?

LSU Over Ohio state

What college football team won the 1957 national championship?

Auburn and Ohio state

Are there any football players that have a high school state championship a college national championship and a super bowl championship?

Quinn Johnson of the Green Bay Packers is one who has all three. He earned a high school state championship in 2003 (West St. John High - Edgard, La.). His college national championship came four years later in 2007 (LSU), and this year he celebrated a superbowl victory with the Packers at Superbowl XVL.

Who won the 1960 national championship in college football?

Ohio State won the NCAA National Championship in 1960 by a SLAM DUNK!!!

What Two college football Teams Won The Last Split Championship?

Washington and Washington state

Which college football team won the 1942 ncaa football championship?

Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Georgia all shared a piece of the championship in 1942, depending on which polls you looked at.

When was Bulgarian State Football Championship created?

Bulgarian State Football Championship was created in 1924.

Who won the NCAA college football championship in 2007?

Lousiana State University beat Ohio St. University for the National Championship.