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no, once you start school somewhere you have five years to use up four years of eligibility. you can however go to another school for one year and play if you have only spent four years at your previous school. ex. greg paulus duke went to Syracuse for one year to play football

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Q: Can a college athlete compete four years in one sport and a fifth year in a different sport?
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Can a college player play baseball after graduation for a different college?

Well there are a couple of answers to this question.First, a player can play for a different college after graduation from one college if that college was a junior college or community college. So, if a player attends a junior college and graduates from that college with an associates degree then that person would have the opportunity to play college baseball at a four year institution. However, whenever a person first begins college their "clock" begins. This means that an student or student athlete when they first enroll into college would have 5 years in order to compete in four of them. This allows time for a redshirt. So when a junior college student transfers to another college they will generally have 3 years to compete in 2 season. Sometimes that may differ based on the circumstances of the individual athlete.Second, as stated earlier a student when the first step onto a college campus (whether they are an athlete or not) has five years to compete in 4 season. Therefore, if an athlete graduated from a different and competed in a different sport and only played four years in that other sport, they can then play their fifth year, in a different sport at a different college. However, the athlete can only compete in one seasons of competition. The perfect example of this would be Greg Paulus. he played four years of college basketball at Duke and then graduated from Duke and played one year of college football at Syracuse. Again, because of his clock he was only able to participate in one season. However, the big key to this is that the player must be enrolled into classes at said college. Therefore the student athlete must be either going to graduate school or obtain another degree.Finally, a person could play for a different college after graduation from one college if they transfer. This means that if a player was playing a sport at one college and graduated early (for instance 3 years) they could transfer to a different college and compete as long as they are going to graduate school or obtaining another degree. However, due to NCAA transfer rules that athlete must sit out one year of competition. This means that they can practice and workout with the team, but the cannot compete in games. Therefore they can transfer, sit out a year and attend graduate school and redshirt, then the next season they could compete in competition.

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