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Usually a change can be made not only to a divorce (child support amount) but also to a legal separation. The change has to be plausible.

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Q: Can a change be made before a divorce if a legal separation has been signed?
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Just because divorce papers are signed does not mean you are divorced?

If you are talking about being signed by the spouses, then no. Before a divorce is final it has to be approved by a judge. The judge actually grants the divorce, your signatures only show that you both agree to the divorce.

I signed to final papers for my divorce and went to court but now I want to change my mind Can I revoke the divorce?

i think so

Does a divorce decree have to be signed?

A divorce decree must be signed by the judge.

Can your spouse remove furniture from the home before the divorce is final if he does not live in the home any longer in California?

The division of the marital property should be addressed in the separation agreement that will become part of the divorce proceeding. Once it has been signed the property could be exchanged at any time of convenience for the parties.

What is considered legally separated in ny?

When you have filed your signed and notarized (by both parties) legal separation agreement with your county Court. Michelle Rozen, Divorce and Legal Separation Mediator NY, NJ, CT

When is a divorce finalized in the state of California from the time the first person served the other or when the other one contests it?

Neither is correct. A divorce becomes final after the judgment of divorce is signed by the judge.Neither is correct. A divorce becomes final after the judgment of divorce is signed by the judge.Neither is correct. A divorce becomes final after the judgment of divorce is signed by the judge.Neither is correct. A divorce becomes final after the judgment of divorce is signed by the judge.

Is a uncontested divorce ever final if the last papers are not signed?

A divorce is only final after the decree has been signed by the judge and entered into the record. Some states have a waiting period before the parties can remarry.

If men are going through a separation or divorce why do they still refer to their exes as their wives?

A Separation is not a divorce and you are still legally married. "Getting" a divorce, you are still married until the law tells you otherwise and papers are signed. I usually hear "ex wife" or "ex husband" and that just means the couple don't live together and could mean they are just separated or are getting a divorce. Some men may refer to their ex wife as "wife" out of habit.

Do you need to sign your divorce decree?

A divorce decree is signed by the judge.

If your divorce went before court by lawyer and judge granted and signed divorce papers does the lawyer still have to file the papers?

No. The judgment would be entered by the court. You can visit the court and request a copy of the judgment of divorce.

Once the judge signs my divorce decree how long before it's entered?

Once the judge has signed on my divorce decree it should be entered soon , as there is nothing else to be done.

South Carolina divorce laws How long do you have to wait after your divorce hearing before you can get remarried?

In SC you have to be separated for at least 1 year before you can file for a divorce, unless the divorce is because of a adultery, alcoholism and/or drug addiction, physical cruelty, or willful desertion for 1 year. You can legally marry once the judge has signed and finalized your divorce papers.

Can you get married if you have not lived with your spouse for seven years and filed for your divorce?

You can not remarry until your divorce is final, signed and sealed. There might also be a waiting period before you can remarry in your state. Be sure to find out before you get hitched again.

What can you do if your spouse has signed the legal separation agreement but refuses to finalize the divorce?

you can get the courts to move forward even without the other party's signature. it takes months longer though, * If a legal separation was granted that means that marital property has been divided according to the agreement of the party's involved or ruling of the court. The spouse who wishes the divorce to be finalized may request the court to grant the dissolution of the marriage under the state default laws. This process when in conjunction with a legal separation will not take any longer than regular divorce procedures.

Once both parties sign divorce papers but the the divorce process is not final can the divorce be stopped by one party?

no you have already signed the divorce papers in can not be undone!

If a marital separation letter is signed dated and notarized does that make it legal?

No, a marital separation letter is not legal until it is filed with the court system. It also must be signed, dated, and notarized.

What if you never received or signed any divorce papers and he is now deceased?

I'd suggest seeking a lawyer as soon as possible. If nothing about your separation was ever formalized, you may be heir to everything of his not specified in his will - including his debt.

If the divorce papers are signed do you have to go to court?


Do both spouses have to agree to a divorce in order for it to happen?

Yes both the spouses must read and understand the agreement very carefully before the divorce is signed by both , so there want be any misunderstanding later

Can you retain a lawyer after you signed legal separation agreement?

Yes you definitely can!

Do you have divorce paper in a divorce?

Yes, you will have a final order of divorce decree from the court and signed by the judge. Yes i have available divorce paper and divorce packages in site available. you can see this site <a href="">uncontested divorce</a>

What happens if divorce papers were never signed?

then your still married

What if a spouse won't move out after divorce is signed in IL?

The divorce should have included a motion to this effect, otherwise not required to.

Is a divorce legal if no papers were signed after the court date?

Generally, the divorce is legal once the decree has been issued.

my brother has a legal separation from his wife.he signed the agreement even though he did not want too.also hes getting stuck with everything is there any way to get out of the agreement also they live together?

Yes he can file for divorce and they will have to come to a new agreement.