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No, the catcher can not pick up the foul ball with his mask. If so, a base is rewarded to the batter.

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Q: Can a catcher use his mask to pick up a foul ball?
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Is it a foul when a player from team A passes the ball back to his own goalie and the goalie then kicks it into play?

no, the goalie can kick the ball. He cannot pick it up though.

What happens when someone on your team double dribbles what is the penalty in basketball?

A double dribble is when you dribble the ball, pick it up with both hands, and then dribble again. A travel is when you pick the ball up and take a step that is not a pivot.

Is a defender allowed to put a body against you when trying to prevent you from saving a ball from out of bounds?

He is allowed to if it is a pick, like for instance if I stand in front of them and I do NOT move it is okay. But if I move or get shoved they can call moving pick and get the ball or foul shoot.

Is deliberately running hard into a pick in basketball a foul?


What is the international foul?

It is a mixture of charging, pick & rolling, and traveling.

Where do you get Fox Mask in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2?

In order to get the Fox mask in the game go to the Majin Buu Saga pick Story 11. When you get to the map, go to the roadside. There you should see Yamcha, talk to him and defeat (Not Survive) him. You should get a Purple Potara called Fox Mask.

What are the brief rules in basketball?

the brief rules in basketball are: Do not travel (which means do not pick the ball up and run with it) Do not double dribble (which means do not bounce the ball, pick it up and bounce again. If you pick it up you have to either shoot or pass the ball.) Do not foul ( which means do not make contact with any other player on the other team, you can only hit the ball) they are the basic rules, but there are many others but they are more complicated.

What are some of the important rules for basketball?

don't travel (take 3 steps without dribbling), don't double dribble (Dribble, pick the ball up, then dribble again), don't foul the shooter (make contact with the shooter while shooting that changes the course of the ball), don't go out of bounds.

Do most pro bowlers look at the pins or look at a mark at the release point?

Somewhere inbetween. Most bowlers pick a spot a short way onto the lane and attempt to roll the ball over that spot. One of the arrows that are about 15 feet from the foul line would be a good reference to look at when rolling the ball.

Why is a bowling ball is hard to pick up?

The difficulty of picking up a bowling ball is the weight of the ball and holes for the hand grip relative to the person picking up the ball and their strength and mobility.

Can a keeper pick up the ball if its thrown in?

If the ball was thrown-in by a teammate, no. If the ball was thrown-in by an opponent, yes.

When you cannot mark a golf ball and pick it up?

You can only mark your ball and pick it up when you are on the green. However, if lift clean and place is in play you may pick it up, but that is usually only in the winter.