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In a sanctioned league, the answer is no. A bowler can only bowl once per league per session, and cannot share those scores with more than one team.

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Q: Can a bowler substitute on two different teams on the same league night in the same league?
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Can a bowler sub for another team in his on league instead of bowling on his assigned lane?

That depends on the league. Many leagues will allow substitutes, while some will only allow pacers1 and others won't allow any sort of substitution at all.If the league allows subs, and you qualify according to their rules (for example, some leagues may require that you already have a pre-existing sanctioned2 average), then it's just a matter of showing up on league night and hoping there's an opening.1A pacer is someone who bowls in place of an absent bowler, but whose scores don't count for the team; in effect, they're simply 'keeping the pace'. By contrast, a sub's scores count both for the team, and for determining the sub's average in that league.2A sanctioned average is an official average based on at least 21 games, bowled in a sanctioned league and reported to the USBC (or the official governing body for bowling in your nation). Generally, the previous year's sanctioned averages are gathered and published in book form, which is then distributed to area bowling centers.

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