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Yes he can. He is credited with an AB (at bat), rather than on OAB (Official at bat), for statistical purposes, since he did not begin the at bat with a 0/0 count.



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1. If a player comes in to pinch hit with any two-strike count and strikes out, this is the only scenario in which the original batter is charged with the strikeout and the AB, the pinch hitter is charged with neither an AB or the K

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Q: Can a batter be substituted in the middle of a count?
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Can an uninjured pitcher be substituted in the middle of a count?

Yes, pitchers and hitters can be substituted at any time. Hitters can be substituted at any time, but unless he is injured, a pitcher must pitch to at least one batter before he can be taken out. A pitcher can be removed in the middle of an at-bat, however, if he had pitched to at least one hitter previously.

Can a major league batter be changed in the middle of an at-bat?

yes, the new batter assume the count of the batter he is replacing.

When a fast-pitch softball batter has an 0-2 count and another batter is substituted in and strikes out who is charged with the at bat and the strike out?

In this instance the original batter would be charged with the Strikeout --- this is the only instance in which the original batter is charged with the AB and the result of the at bat --- if there is any other count or any other outcome then the pinch hitter is credited with everything

Can a batter be substituted at any time?

it depends on the association (NSA, ASA, ISF...)

What is the baseball rule when a batter is injured on a strike one foul ball and cannot continue his turn at bat?

A sub is put in for the injured player...the at bat is continued by the sub and begins his at bat with a one strike count......Anytime during an "AT BAT" the batter can be substituted for but the sub comes to bat with whatever the ball/strike count was of the player he replaced.

Batter has 2 strikes and 1 ball if he gets injured does the pinch batter take the same count or start over?

The pinch batter assumes the count that the original batter had.

Can you switch pitchers in the middle of the count?

Yes. However, rules state a pitcher must pitch one complete at bat before being taken out of the game (unless the pitcher gets injured and cannot continue). So, as long as the batter being pitched to is not the first batter the pitcher is facing, the pitcher may be removed in the middle of the count.

What is a 3 2 count in baseball?

A 3-2 count is also known as a full count. 3=the number of balls the batter has. 2= the number of strikes the batter has.

If the umpire's count on the batter is 2-1 how many strikes are on the batter?

There is one strike on the batter if the count is 2-1 That is something that shouldn't really be asked online that is obvious

Does a batter get a new count if there is a pitching change?

No, the new pitcher inherits the existing count.

In major league baseball if a batter has a 1-1 count and the pitcher is removed which pitcher is responsible for the batter if he gets on base?

The pitcher who pitched the 1-1 count is responsible for the batter if he gets on base.

Can a batter be taken out of the game while batting?

Yes, batters can be ejected while they are batting, usually by arguing about the strike the zone with the umpire. This usually only happens after the batter has struck out, rather then in the middle of the count, but if the batter argues too much, the umpire can toss him at any time.

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