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Possibly. Referee can do lots of things during a game that may not be right but that does not mean they cannot do it. My guess and it is only a hypothetical question, is that they could if they so desired.

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Q: Can a basketball referee move a team bench if it is not the same distance from the scorer's table as the other bench?
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What happens if a basketball player swears at the referee whilst walking to the bench?

The referee has the right to smack that player in the face

Where is the bench positioned on a basketball court?

The bench on a basketball court is positioned along the side, parallel to the length of the court. Each team's bench is separated by the tables for the shot clock operator, scorers, replay officials, and commentators.

What is a bench penalty in hockey?

if the coach does a penalty against the referee or the other team. if the coach mouth talks to much to a referee he could get a bench penalty

What is the call made when a player from each team has possession of the basketball?

It is a jump ball. the team that has the possession arrow {pointing to it bench} next to scorers clock receives the ball on a side out. Then procession arrow then switches to the other bench for the next jump procession.

Which bench does the home team sit on in basketball?

The scorers table is between the two benches. If you're sitting at the scores table the home team will be on your left. This applies to NBA, College and High Scool teams.

What are people called on the bench at basketball games called?

bench warmers:}

What is another term for a basketball team's substitutes?


What is another term for a basketball teams substitute?


Can bench call a time out in basketball?

Yes the bench can call time out as long as their team is in possession of the ball

What positions did Michael Jordan play in basketball?

Bench warmer

How much does a basketball bench player get paid?

Minimum wage.

When can referee pick up hockey stick?

He can if the stick is broken or the player has another stick or he goes to the bench

How many players on a basketball team bench?

17 including coaches

What is a sixth man in basketball?

The person who comes off the bench first.

What is 5 people on the basketball court and 7 on the bench called?


What are bench points in basketball?

The term bench points in basketball refers to how many points the non-starting players of a team score in a game. They are called bench points, because the player begins the game sitting on the bench, as opposed to on the court. These points do not count more or less than the points scored by starters.

What is the distance between the bench and the oak tree?

It depends on where they are...

How many players in basketball are on bench?

it matters, the coach can only have two on the bench if he wants. Basically as many players that he wants to play.

Where is the manager allowed on a football pitch?

The manager is only allowed on the bench(and in the bench area) and in the technical area during play or invited onto the pitch by the referee in exceptional circumstances (like if there is a fight or somthin)

What happens if a player swears at the referee whilst walking to the bench?

depends on the ref but most times they while give them a technical foul

When a second technical is called on a bench does the head basketball coach or the assistant get booted?

The head coach is the leader of the bench. If a technical gets called on the bench in general as opposed to a specific player or coach on the bench, the technical goes to the head coach.

In which movie does a basketball coach bench his undefeated team for bad grades?

Coach Carter

Who judges lacrosse?

the referee There are a number of officials on the field for a game. At the highest level, there are a referee and two umpires on the field. Off the field, there is a bench official (timing and score) and a box official (penalty box and substitution area). At the lowest level, all these functions are performed by a single official, the referee.

What is the use of the players sitting on the chair of each team in basketball?

If you mean Bench Warmers (the person that stays on the bench because they stink) or not the starters..... then the reason is that if one of the starters gets tired then they can put in a substitution from the bench except the ones that stink (Bench Warmers)

Can a referee end a game for an unruly bench?

No, but they do make the recommendation(s) to league commissioners, and/or the governing bodies who then make the ultimate decision(s).