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Q: Can a baseball player leave a game and come back into the game after being pulled out of the game?
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Does a player have to leave the field after being ejected?

Yes, that's essentially what being "ejected" means.

Can a player receive a technical after being ejected?

After being ejected, a player may receive a technical if they refuse to leave or continue to harangue the officials or players.

How many fouls can an Olympic basketball player commit before being asked to leave the court?

i think that the players can get up 2 about 5 fouls before being asked 2 leave the court

How many fouls can an olyimpic basketball player commit before being asked to leave the cort?

5 fouls

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Do you need a high school diploma to be a baseball player?

Not necessarily, although not having one doesn't leave you much to fall back on if your baseball career doesn't end up working out.

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my locker?!?!?

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can you leave the home at 17 if you have evidents of being abused

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Can a major league soccer player reenter after being subbed out?

No. After subbing, a player is "burned", but may still sit in the bench. If he's red carded, he must leave the playing ground completely.

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How many fouls can a Olympic basketball player commit before being asked to leave the court?

they can get 5 or six fouls before leaving the cort

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When a player receives a penalty and they score and they are scored on does the player leave penalty box?


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because the fans leave

What is a serious foul called when a player must leave a soccer game?

The player who commits a serious foul is said to be red carded . Which means that player would have to leave the pitch and his team would have to play with a player less