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As soon as the ump calls the infield fly rule, the batter is out, but the runners can still advance at their own risk. To answer your question specifically, no, the fielder can't do that - that is the exact result that the infield fly rule was enacted to prevent!

Usually when they call the infield fly rule, the baserunners go back to the bases relatively quickly, because the play is over.

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Q: Can a baseball player catch an infield fly - where the ump has declared an infield fly - then throw to a base that a runner hasn't tagged up to yet and get a double play?
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What Major League Baseball player has the infield hits?

Ichiro Suzuki

What does UT mean in baseball?

UT = Utility Player or someone who can play multiple positions, such as in the infield or outfield

Have there been any changes to the baseball?

recently they have allowed umpires to use relplays for awkward homeruns. there was also one time when a rule was that a catch is not a catch until the player has full control of the ball. one player caught a ball and bobbled it all the way into the infield so the runers couldn't go because it had not been declared a catch yet.

What is a shortstop?

That is the baseball or softball fielding position between second and third base.

What is a double play in baseball?

It is where there is one-two runners aboard the bases (probably a runner at first base or two runners at first and second base) and a baseball player hits the ball within the infield and gets two of the runners out (depending on who was on what bases) and then there is two outs from that play! Sorry if its confusing :( did the best i could!

If Runners on first and third infield hit second base to first base double play does run score?

If there were no outs in the inning, the runner on third would have the opportunity to score it the player chooses to run.

Does speed of players effect the batting average of baseball teams?

It can because players will beat out infield grounders for singles which will raise the player's batting average and, in turn, raise the team's batting average.

Numbers of player in baseball?

The number of players in a baseball game is eighteen, nine per team. For the team not at bat there are right field, left field, center field, infield, pitcher, catcher, first base, second base and third base.

What is a double in baseball?

A double is when a player is batting and he hits the ball and reaches second base safely.

Which M LB player has hit an infield home run?

babe Ruth

Can the 12u infield players play 25ft out in grass in outfield?

Yes, any fielder can play anywhere on the grass. I am a 12u baseball player. I dont think a kid can throw someone out from the outfield grass at first though.

Can a baseball outfielder call time if he runs the ball into the infield?

MLB Rule 6.02 makes it clear that the calling of "Time" is entirely at the discretion of the umpire. Any player can REQUEST that time be called, but only an umpire can GRANT the request.

What is in-field play in softball?

The infield positions in softball are the same as in baseball.... pitcher, catcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd base and shortstop. One difference in their positioning in comparison to baseball is that the 3rd base player and often the 1st base player, play in front of the base, closer to home plate. This is due to the greater amount of bunting and slap hitting in softball.

In the game softball how many players are in the infield?

Softball uses the same fielding as baseball, assuming you're talking about high school level and up. Pitcher, catcher, one player at each base plus a shortstop. Three in the outfield for a total of 9.

What major league baseball player has the most double digit hitting streaks in MLB?

ty cobb

What major league baseball player holds the major league records for games played and assists and double plays?

The Major League Baseball player who holds the career record for the most games played is Pete Rose who has played in 3,562 games, the player who has grounded into the double plays in their career is Cal Ripken, Jr. who has grounded into 350 double plays and the player who holds the career record with having the most assists is Elvis Andrus who has recorded 516 in his career.

If a player hits the ball to the right side of the infield so that the runner on third could score is that considered a sacrifice?

No, it is a ground out RBI.

How do you become a pro baseball player?

You have to be drafted, brought up from the minors, or brought up from triple a, double a, or single a.

What is the rover position in slow pitch softball?

Slow pitch softaball includes a 10th fielder. Usually this fielder is an additional center fielder, playing either left center or right center. The extra player may also play a rover position, usually just outside the infield. This allows three people to play more deeply to cover long fly balls, and still have a player to field the bloop hits that just leave the infield. This is similar in princible to a 'shift' in baseball, where players leave their normal positions to have a better chance of fielding a ball.

What legendary baseball player downed 24 hot dogs between games of a double header?

Babe Ruth famously did this.

What does it mean to hit for the cycle in baseball?

'Hitting for the cycle' means a player got a single, double, triple, and home run in the same game.

Why walk a baseball player in baseball?

if there is someone on first base and the game is close, u can walk them so u have a better chance at getting a double play. also if the player is good and aren't very fast so they aren't a stealing threat.

Can there be a triple play without the defense touching the ball?

A defensive player doesn't have to touch the ball for an Out to be recorded. The batter can strike out, a runner can be called Out on interference for being struck by a fair batted ball, and a runner can be called Out on appeal for missing a base, a batter can be declared out as a result of the Infield Fly Rule, etc. But in each of these cases, only one Out is recorded. I can't imagine any situation where it would be possible to record a triple play without a defensive player touching the ball.

What is the average salary for a double a baseball player?

they get paid bad. its like 1500 a month but just during the 5 month season

If a baseball player hits a line drive and tries for a double and gets tagged out does it count as a hit?

Yes, it would be scored as a single.