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Rule 12, Section 1, Article 5, of the NFL Rulebook states that "No offensive player may: ( a) lift a runner to his feet or pull him in any direction at any time; " Penalty: For assisting the runner or for interlocking interference: Loss of 10 yards.

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Absolutely. There's no penalty for that.

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Q: Can a ball carrier hurdle a defensive player?
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Can you grab a player in soccer?

Yes, as long as the player is not considered tackled a defensive player may strip the ball from the ball carrier.

Can you hold onto an opponent's jersey in football?

A defensive player may hold on to a ball carrier's jersey in an attempt to tackle him. However, if a defensive player holds on the the jersey of an offensive player who does not have the ball, that would be a penalty for holding. Likewise, if an offensive player holds on to a defensive player's jersey, that would also be called holding.

Can a wide receiver tackle a defensive lineman?

Offensive players cannot tackle anyone(they can block or run down the defensive players if they're the ball carrier) unless during the play, there's change of possession(examples: interceptions, fumble recovery), any offensive player can tackle the defensive ball carrier.

What do defensive lineman do in a 7 on 7 football drill?

Tackle the ball carrier.

Can a defensive player catch a ball tipped by another defensive player?


Is a player considered down if he catches a pass falls gets up and keeps going?

In college football, once a player's knee touches the ground the play is whistled dead regardless of whether a defensive player made contact with the ball carrier. In the NFL, a defensive player must make contact with the ball carrier to have the play whistled dead. So to answer your question, in college the player is down and the play is over. In the NFL, the player is not down and the play continues.

If a fumbled ball is on the goal line and a defensive player is not in the end zone can the defensive player pick up ball and step in end zone to down ball for a touch back or would this be a safety?

yes because the player want backwards into the end zone.If the ball has broken the plane when the defensive player makes contact with the ball then its a touchback. If the ball had not broken then plane then the defensive player carried it into the endzone and is a saftey.

In softball how can a runner be out?

The batter is out, if they hit a ball in the air and a defensive player catches the ball before it touches the ground, in fair or foul territory. If a defensive player has the ball in control and touches a base before the runner, the runner is out. If a defensive player has the ball in control and touches the runner with the ball in their hand or glove, the runner is out.

What is the scoring when a defensive player fields the ball and makes no play while not allowing a runner to score?

It would not be an error if the defensive player fields the ball cleanly.

If contact by a defensive player during the act of punting prevents the punter from kicking the ball with his foot is the defensive player subject to a penalty?

NO. If the kicker had possession of the ball and was unable to kick it.

What is the difference between a defensive back and a safety?

This is a big difference= A defensive back is actually a player who, instead of rushing the carrier, stays back and covers the receiving offense. The defensive back is not always defensive. Say the defensive team is running the ball. The defense will want to blitz, sending the defensive back through the defensive line. A safety is actually a rule. When the offensive team is making a play, if the runner is tackled inside their own endzone, a safety is called. This means that the offensive team MUST punt the ball to the defense.

Can a Basketball defensive player hit the hand of offensive player to jar ball loose?