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The simple answer is yes, they could. However in reality they would not use them. Ladies Golf balls are made for distance, and have very little feel. Feel is what a professional golfer wants from a golf ball. As ladies balls are made for distance, it means they have to sacrifice spin, so the pro's would struggle to stop the ball as quickly as they do.

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Q: Can a PGA golfer use a ladies ball?
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Who was the first golfer to use a belly putter on the PGA tour?

Tiger Woods was the first.

Who first pro golfer to use orange golf ball?

Jerry Pate

What is the difference of a man and a women golf ball?

A low handicap or professional lady golfer will use the same ball as men do. But for amateur ladies who are just starting the game or have a slow swing speed there is a tremendous difference between golf balls. A ladies golf ball will be harder, usually a two piece distance ball, with a firm outer layer. It is built in such a way, as ladies tend to have slower swing speeds so they need a ball that gets up in the air and maximises distance. Men don't usually have this problem so they would use a ball geared towards more spin, to help them stop the ball on the green.

What golf ball should someone who is strong but not that good at golf get?

You should use a women's ball (usually in red on the ball itself) for the lighter more control feel. If u don't want to be seen with a women's ball I suggest your should use Srixon's soft and feel. I myself enjoy that ball because it helps the golfer no matter what type of golfer you are

What balls are not allowed on the PGA tour?

A PGA Tour player, can use any golf ball that is on the list of conforming golf balls, which is published by the USGA and R and A. The PGA Tour operates a one ball rule, this means if the player tees off with a Pro V 1 x on the first hole, the only ball they can use during the tournament is a Pro V 1 x, or they will be disqualified.

What use does personalizing a golf ball achieve?

Personalizing a golf ball ensures that a golfer would get their ball back at the end, and that they know exactly where their ball landed and playing the right one.

I need new golf clubs and I am 5'5 should I use mens?

It completely depends. Are you a lady golfer, or a junior golfer or are you a male golfer? If you are a lady golfer, I would still recommend ladies clubs, this is because you will need a quicker swing speed and need to be quite strong to use mens clubs, and using them may hurt your game instead of improving. If you are a junior golfer you have two choices, either get a set of ladies clubs and use them for a while until you grow out of them, or get a set custom fit. You will probably need an inch or two taken off them depending on how high/ low you hold you hands. You will of course grow out of these, and you could get them extended and bent when you do. If you are a fully grown male, then yes, you probably should use mens' clubs, again custom fitting is your best option and will hopefully help your game.

Should tall golfers use longer clubs?

A golfer should use clubs of a length that is comfortable for him or her. Generally, that means that a taller golfer will use longer clubs and a shorter golfer, shorter clubs.

Why do a golfer have to say fore and not five?

It is "Fore", not "four", hence not "five" either. The "Fore" comes from the old use of "Fore-caddies" who were down the fairway looking for the golfers ball coming down the fairway from the tee. The golfer would yell "Fore" telling the "Fore-caddie" that the ball was on the way. Now, of course, "Fore" means "Watch out! Ball is coming your way."

What is the best driver for the average golfer?

For an average golfer an ideal driver would be one which has a reasonable amount of loft on it, say 10.5 degrees and a regular shaft, both of which will help get the ball airborne as well as providing good distance. In regards to particular brands of driver, there is no specific one which an average golfer should use, but higher handicap golfers tend to slice the ball, so an offset driver may be advantageous.

Why doesn't the PGA caddies use pull carts?

PGA caddies don't use pull carts because pull carts ruin the grass.

Can PGA golfers use colored balls?

Yes, this is perfectly legal. The problem though arises as they are quite hard to see and trickier to find than white ones. Paula Creamer uses a pink Precept Golf ball on Sundays on the LPGA Tour. In 2005 or so Nike made a black 'Nike One Black' golf ball which was used by one golfer on the 18 th hole in a PGA Tour event, he said he could hardly see it once he hit it and said he'd never use it again. These black golf balls were one off golf balls which were included in a dozen box of Nike One Black golf balls.

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