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Yes. Very few parts have changed in the Model 60 since it was first made, and parts are 100% interchangeable between different variations of Model 60s made in the same rough time period. The only significant differences in the stocks on the Model 60 between the different variations and over the years are the material it's made of, and the finish on the stock.

Beware, though, you might have to do some fitting to get it to fit just right.

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Q: Can a Marlin Model 60W stock fit a Marlin Model 60SB gun?
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What is a Marlin Model 60w 22 with a gold coin in the stock worth?

About $100 in excellent condition.

What is value of a marlin model 60W 22 long rifle with brass medalion on stock?

60-100 dollars.

What is the age and value of Marlin Model 60W 22 caliber long with a gold medalion serial number 05271001?

Your Marlin model 60W was produced by Marlin in the year 1995.The value of your rifle is between 45-100 dollars.

What is the value of a marlin model 60w?

60-100 dollars depending on condition.

What is the age of marlin model 60w serial number 04248123?

Your Marlin model 60 was made in the year 1996 with the serial number provided.

How is the serial number dating on MARLIN 60w 22LR done?

For the most part,deduct the first 2 numbers of the serial number from the year 2000,and that will be the year of production of your Marlin model 60w.

What is the age and value of Marlin Model 60w 22lr with gold medallion and trigger serial number 06264229A?

Your Marlin model 60W was made in the year 1994.the value is between 60-100 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

What year was your marlin 60w 05126682?


What is price of marlin 22 model 60w semiautomatic with gold trigger gold medallion serial number is 07376214?

175.00 to 200.00 in good condition

What is the difference between the Marlin Firearms Company Model 60 and the Model 60W?

Mechanically, nothing. The 'W' suffix is typically used by Marlin to denote models that use walnut-finished hardwood stocks. Since that is now standard on the Model 60, the 'W' has been dropped from the standard model.

Where do you get parts for marlin 60w rifle?

Marlin Firearms Parts & Service 1-800-544-8892 Best customer service in the firearms industry.

What is price of marlin 22 model 60w semiautomatic with gold trigger safety ethics sportsman ship gold medalion serial number 05129743?

It is worth about $149.95 and that gun was produced in 1995.