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Q: Can a JT Outkast marker run on compressed air?
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Can a cybridn paint ball gun run on compressed air?

yes, but theres no point buying a nice air tank that costs more then the marker.

Does a dye paintball gun take CO2?

NO! only compressed air in a high end marker. otherwise you run the risk of freezing the regulator and solenoid which equals repairs. NO CO2!

Can a raven primal paintball gun run on co2?

It can if the CO2 tank you have is anti-siphoned, but your taking a risk. It is best to run the marker on HPA (compressed air, Nitro, whatever you want to call it.) The CO2 could ruin the solenoid.

Does the tippmann a-5 run on compressed air?

Yes it can be.

Do all compressors work with an airbrush?

Yes, all you need to run an airbrush is compressed air. You might need a regulator and air dryer, but compressed air is universal.

Does the planet eclipse ego take compressed air?

Yes, all planet eclipse markers should be run only on Compressed Air. Co2 can damage them.

Can a paintball CO2 tank run on compressed air?

Yes, most sear tripping (mechanical, tippmann style) paintball guns, however, will run, with some fine right tuning, on either CO2 or compressed air. Most blowbacks (tippmann, spyder, azodin, bt) are "meant" to run on C02 and may run into problems with HPA without some internal adjustment. With very few exceptions (SP1 and SP vibe) spool vavle markers cannot run on CO2, and those that can, need an anti siphon tank so they do not get liquid into their valve. Almost every other gun will run great on HPA.

What are air compressed cars?

Air compressed cars are cars powered by compressed air. A compresser is used to generate high pressure air, and that air is then in turn used to propell the car. An electric engine and or a gas engine is still needed to run the compresser but unlike hybrids and other combination vehicles the air compressed cars use either of these engins to power the compressor only.

Can air motors be run using compressed air storage cylinders?

Yes a company called MDI is working on an air powered car

How does low rider car bump up?

The ones that operate quickly are air bags run with compressed air. The ones that move slower are hydraulic cylinders run with hydraulics.

What energy is used to keep a machine moving?

When it come to machine, it can be run on various energy source. Industrial machine usually run on electricity but some would run on compressed air and use electricity for fine control of compressed air. Some heavy industrial machine like driller might run on gasoline. Some pump might as well designed to run on steam pressure and compressed air. I believe there is no limit to what energy source it could be use to power, just what energy source would be convenience and fit to the task.

Where is the compressed air car now?

The compressed air car idea was scraped. There is a good reason for this and it's called the law of conservation of energy. Basically, the air powered engines could not sustain enough power to run a compressor and power a vehicle at the same time. They were FAR to inefficient in air consumption as compared to air compression.