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Q: Can a Goalie score by throwing the ball in the opposing teams net?
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Can an opposing teams goalie leave the net on a time out?

No, not even for the intermission

Do they have football in Canada?

Canada has what is known as 'American football', as well as the European football (called 'soccer' in Canada), although the two are vastly different. American football involves players throwing and carrying a brown leather ball to score on the opposing teams endzone. European football aka soccer is played with opposing teams kicking a black and white ball into the opposing teams net.

How do you win a soccer match?

you score more times in the other teams net than the opposing team

Can soccer goalie catch a throw in with hands?

no the goaolie doesn't HAVE to they can also kick it

How many of each position can play at one time in hockey?

In Hockey there are 6 people on the ice IF you are counting the goalie. There are 2 defence (people who help guard the goalie), Center, left wing and right wing ( They try to score on the other teams goalie), and the goalie (stops the puck from going into the net). To answer the question There are 2 defence, 2 forwards, and a center.

How would you describe a basketball?

a game played on a court by two opposing teams of 5 players; points are scored by throwing the ball through an elevated horizontal hoop

Whose score is always mentioned first in volleyball?

When calling the score before serving, the server calls out his/her teams score followed by the score of the opposing team

Did the Aztecs invent basketball today as you know it?

Yes. They did. It of course involved different rules, but had the same concept of opposing teams throwing a ball through a hoop to score points. Of course, being the Aztecs, a more gruesome side involved the losers becoming sacrificial and the ball was a decapitated head of their foes.

Can teams change on a goalie stoppage in hockey?


What is a football teams last line of defence?


What is the idea of rugby?

gain possession of the ball and place it down in the opposing teams in goals area to score a try . A try can then have a further scoring chance by kicking the ball over the goal cross ball of the opposing team

Did it ever happen that the opposing NHL team loans its second goalie after two goalies were injured?

Professional teams do not swap players for single games, although several times teams have traded players to their opponents in a division or league. If both dressed goalies were to be injured in a game, a non-goalie player could dress and take the goal, as has happened numerous times in less regulated play.