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You probably could fill it, but not to pressures needed for paintball gun operation, CO2 tanks should not be filled with any gas or liquid besides CO2.

edit: you could use Argon in a HPA tank but not a CO2 tank

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Q: Can a CO2 cylinder be refilled with argon?
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Can you charge a 12 oz CO2 cylinder at home?

No, you must have it refilled at a paintball field or pro-shop. You cannot refill paintball tanks from low pressure Soda dispenser C02 tanks.

Is argon dangerrous?

not argon itself, the cylinder may be because it's pressurised.

Can an argon or CO2 mix be used to pressurize a keg?

Yes, it can.

What thread does an argon gas cylinder have?

Argon gas cylinders typically have a CGA 580 valve connection for industrial applications and CGA 320 for beverage and welding applications. These connections are standardized to ensure compatibility with specific equipment and regulators.

Which is heavier a full argon cylinder or an empty?

A full cylinder is heavier than empty. The cylinder is filled by weight.

What is today's atmosphere made up of?

Nitrogen, oxygen, argon, water vapor, CO2.

Why is co2 added to argon when making gma spray transfer welds?

to increase splatter

How can refill FM-200?

You must have a FM-200 cylinder refilled by a specialist company who hold the relevant certification to do so.

What gasses commonly used for mig welding?

On steel a mixture of Argon and CO2 usually 75% to 25%

What is the atmosphere like in turkey?

Mostly nitrogen and oxygen, with a bit of argon, CO2, water vapor and more.

Which compressed gases are used for welding?

For example argon or helium for TIG welding. Oxi-fuel welding: oxygen and a combustible gas: acetylene, propane, butane, propylene, gasoline, hydrogen, etc.

Can you weld mild steel without argon just CO2?

Yes, it is possible to weld mild steel using only CO2 gas as the shielding gas. CO2 can provide sufficient protection to prevent oxidation during the welding process. However, the quality of the weld may be lower compared to using a mixture of CO2 and argon, which can provide better weld bead appearance and reduced spatter.