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You should use HPA with a Proto SLG.

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Q: Can a 9Oz paintball tank be used with an 09 proto slg?
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Do you have to have a bulk CO2 tank for paintball?

No I went 4 hours straight on just a 9oz. tank

Can you hook up a tank on your paintball gun that is bigger than your 9oz tank?

Yes, you can use any size tank

Does a paintball gun use any size co2 tank?

size is all personal preference, you can get something as small as a 9oz or up to a 24oz co2 tank, the larger the tank is the more shots you will get off of it but the heavier and larger it will be

Which co2 tank is more accurate 9oz or 24oz?

The tank, has nothing to do with accuracy what so ever.

How do you refill a 9oz CO2 tank for a paintball gun?

It depends on where you take it. I live in Georgia and go get my tanks filled at Dicks. In Canton the price is $2.99+tax for a 9 oz, and 3.99+tax for a 20 oz. And in Cumming it is 1.99+tax for a 9oz, $3.50+tax for a 20oz. So it depends by store but I would take it to Dicks because they have been the cheapest place I have found.

What is your paintball hydro date?

The hydro date is the number on your tank that tells you when your tank must be hydro tested (usually 5 years). Hydro testing is when you ship your bottle away to make sure it is still suitable to fill with pressure. 9oz tanks do not need to be hydro tested, or any other tanks with a diameter of less than 2 inches.

How much CO2 is in a paintball canister?

It depends if you are useing tanks like 9oz,20oz,or 24oz. Or if you are using the little silver things. The little silver things are 12grams

9oz equals how many ml?

9oz is 250ml

How many ounces in 9 fl oz?

9oz are in 9oz.

Can a spyder mr1 take different CO2 tanks?

Yes. Standard 9oz through 20oz CO2 tanks work perfectly with the MR1. Compressed air paintball systems work fine too, with a regulator.

How many 9oz need to equal 64 oz?

64 oz / 9oz = 7.1

How many times does 9oz go into 15lbs?

There are 16oz to one pound16oz x 15lb = 240oz240oz / 9oz = 26.6Therefore 9oz goes into 15lbs 26 times remainder 6oz