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No, you cannot purchase a paintball gun until you are 18.

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Q: Can a 7 year old have a paintball gun?
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Is 7 year old safe to play paintball?

No, the legal age to play is 11, because the pain is quite considerable. There are alternatives for kids at that age that are similar, but less potential pain, like airsoft or paintball laser tag.

How old is the Nationl profesinal paintball league?

The National Professional Paintball League or NPPL does not exist anymore, though it was around for about 6-7 years.

What is the newest paintball gun?

As of September 7, 2009 the most recent markers are the SL94, Rev-I, DM9, PMR 09, Victory, and The Creed.

How old is this gun serial number A849221?

7 years old.

How to Clean a Paintball Gun?

Your paintball gun is an investment and just like any other investment, you will want to keep it cared for. The importance of cleaning your paintball gun will determine if you have play for extended periods of time or you end up with a faulty gun. Follow through the steps below to clean and lubricated keeping your paintball gun in mint condition. ▪ Step 1: Consider your physical safety. Remove the air source for your paintball gun. Never tinker with a paintball gun with its air source still attached. ▪ Step 2: Lay out your paintball gun diagram. Having this diagram in front of you will save you time later when you are reassembling. ▪ Step 3: Disassemble the paintball gun. Remove the barrel, striker, bolt, grip frame and hopper and set aside. ▪ Step 4: Clean the barrel of the paintball gun. Use a warm water and paper towel to wipe down the paintball gun barrel on both the outside and inside. Pull a squeegee or bottle brush through the barrel to clean and to dry. ▪ Step 5: Clean the body of the paintball gun. If the body is big enough to clean with a squeegee or bottle brush, clean the body in the same way as the barrel. Use a toothbrush or Q-tips to clean tight places. ▪ Step 6: Clean out the grip-frame. Use a small brush to clean out any debris or dried paint. Avoid disassembling the trigger as it is difficult to reassemble. ▪ Step 7: Clean the striker and bolt. Using a paper towel and warm water wipe down the striker and bolt. Dry all pieces thoroughly. ▪ Step 8: Check all o-rings, screws and springs. Replace any internals that are broken or cracked to avoid air leakage. ▪ Step 9: Lubricate paintball gun internal hardware. Use a paintball gun lubricant to lightly lubricate internals, especially those that have movement. ▪ Step 10: Reassemble the paintball gun. Following the diagram you earlier placed in front of you, reassemble the pieces. Providing maintenance to your paintball gun by cleaning and lubricating will keep your paintball in working condition, avoiding the down time caused by trigger jams and breakage. Consulting your manufacturer’s instructions may give you alternative maintenance directions. Considering this general guideline will help keep your paintball gun ready for your next game.

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