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Depends on height and weight.

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Q: Can a 16 year old race Motocross on an 85 Big Wheel?
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How big is an big wheel 85cc motocross bike?

about as big as they always was

How motocross evolved into a big sport?

Motocross is a big sport?

What is the best race bike for a 12 year old?

Depending on the length of his/her inner leg is depending what size bike he/she can fit on but the majority of 12 year olds ride a 85 (small wheel or big wheel depending on the length of the riders inner leg)

Is motocross a big sport?

AMA Motocross revenue for 2008 was reported to be 559 million.

How big do dirt bikes get?

For professional motocross, the biggest bike that is allowed to be raced is a 450 four-stroke. For local race purposes there is a Vet class that allows any size bike to be raced (usually up to 525 since that's the biggest motocross bike that KTM makes).

How does motocross work?

What do you mean? I can probably answer any question involving Motocross (Motorbike racing) but do you mean how do you participate? Well, the way I race, is I go to big national races, where a bunch of other people race too, against me, but only in my class, (bikes around my size and people my age) and we race dirt bikes, basically some people only race for the fun of it, but some people only race for the prizes. If this wasn't your question or not a good answer, I'm sorry.

Year the first big wheel was invented?


Can you put big wheels on a small wheel motocross bike?

yeah you can BUT your going to have to buy a new swing-arm new wheels+tyres new sprocket and a new rear brake line. hope this has helped.

Can a motocross bike be too big for you?

Yes, both in physical size and hp.

What year was the first big wheel toy invented 1975?

The big wheel was invented in 1969 , here's a link

What is the difference between supercross and motocross?

Supercross= usually races inside stadiums, unless it takes place at a speedway, like at the Daytona supercross. Supercross utilizes a single race format, meaning one final moto. To get to this final moto, the riders must qualify through a series of heat races. Supercross is fast, tight and technical. They have big jumps and rythem sections. Supercross usually races on Saturday nights... Motocross= Motocross races are held on tracks that are permanent, meaning, it isn't torn down after every race, like a supercross track is. The track is longer, wider, and most of them have natural terrain. A lot of outdoor tracks have hills and tricky sections, like sand or off camber corners. They have some big jumps. Motocross uses a 2 moto format. Like supercross, a rider must qualify through a series of heat races. Like I said before the motocross series uses a 2 moto format. The winner is determined with the best overall score. Motocross races are usually held on Sunday afternoons....

What did the little tire want to be when he grew up?

A Big Wheel