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No we can't use 100cc 4 -stroke dirt bike race against 85cc dirt bikes.

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Q: Can a 100cc 4 - stroke dirt bike race against 85cc dirt bikes?
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How much would a 85cc suzuki 2 stroke dirt bike cost?

Base price for a 2008 RM 85cc was $3099.

What are the sizes of Dirt Bikes?

50cc 4-stroke 50cc 2-stroke,65cc 2-stroke, 70cc 4-stroke, 80cc 2-stroke, 85cc 2-stroke, 110cc 4-stroke, 125cc 2-stroke, 125cc 4-stroke, 150cc 2-stroke, 150cc 4-stroke, 200cc 2-stroke, 250cc 2-stroke, 250cc 4-stroke, 300cc 2-stroke 350cc 4-stroke, 450cc 4-stroke, 500cc 2-stroke, 530cc 4-stroke, 690cc 4-stroke

How fast does a Yamaha 85cc 2 stroke go?

With bands they can go 80

What types of dirt bikes are there?

There are several different "types" of dirt bikes! For brands there are Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM, Gasgas, Aprilia, ATK, etc. For displacement, the most common ones are 50cc, 85cc, 100cc, 125cc, 150cc, 200cc, 225cc, 250cc, 350cc, 400cc, 450cc, 500cc, 600cc, 650cc, and even 700cc! As for actual types of dirt bikes there are motocross bikes, enduro (dual-sport) bikes, trials bikes, trail bikes, and many variations and setups like desert, dunes, ice, supercross, etc. Ride safe!

What is the best race bike for a 12 year old?

I would say a 65 to a 85cc for race bikes.

Can a CR85 expert race in a 85cc race?

The CR85R expert cannot race in the regular 85cc class in the AMA. A cr85r expert can race in any desert race in the 85 class, including AMA. In motocross its a different story, it depends on what the rules of the track are. Most of the they have a special class for the 85 experts but the problem is that they line you up with the 125 two strokes, and a 125 two stroke is compared to a 250 four stroke so your racing with the big bikes. Hope I Helped, KEEP RIDING!!!!!!

How old do you have to be to ride a 85cc dirt bike?

2 stroke, 10- 15 years old is a good year spand. 4 stroke, 4- 8.

How can you make a 2-stroke 85cc dirt bike go faster?

yes iif u put a bore kit in it

What order does the cc in bikes go in?

50cc , 65cc , 85cc , 125cc , 150cc , 250cc , 500cc are the most popular but there are a few others

Is 5ft 7'' to big for a kx 85 big wheel?

You would fit, but if you're still growing, I'd recommend a bigger bike such as a 125cc. If you're stuck on two stroke bikes (like me) then you should buy a used 85cc because you will grow and need to switch to a 250cc in about a year.

How fast can a 85cc 2 stroke dirt bike go with aftermarket parts?

they can go pretty fast. they will beat a Yamaha blaster 200

Which dirt bike should a 5'8 kid ride?

if you are just getting started 85cc 2 stroke if your racing 125cc 2 stroke if your just trail riding i would get a 125cc fourstroke they are better for trailriding in the same hight and i race 125cc 2 stroke

What is the best 85cc motocross bike?

KTM 85cc ownz any bike out there, if you cant get, suzuki for second. I agree with the first guy but parts are extremely hard to find so go with something more like the suzuki or the new Honda crf150. High perfomance and theyl eat up a 85 two stroke.

I am 5'6 and 130 every body is telling me to get a 85cc dirt bike i no how to clutch to what should i get?

if you want a 2 stroke get a yz125 or cr125 for track riding if you want a 4 stroke get a yz250f or cr250f. If you are just doing trail riding i would recommend the xr200 its a great starter bike.

What motorbike should i ride. i am roughly 5''1 and weigh roughly 7 stone. i am 14 and in need of desperate help. i think i should get a 85cc but dont know if i will grow out of it to quickly. i help?

learn on the 85cc after a few years riding get a bigger bike. If you dont learn how to ride on your first bike you'll never really learn proper riding. Smaller bikes easier to learn.

Which is better Honda 150cc or a Honda 85cc?

The smaller the cylinder volume, the more sensitive it is. If it is a 4-stroke, valves needs to be cleaned more often for example. So I vote for th bigger bore.

What race class can a fourteen year old race motocross?

The following is from one of my local motocross tracks, most local tracks should have something similar: 0-85cc 7-15 Beginner 0-85cc 14-15 years 150cc and smaller 4 Stroke, 15 years old & younger
 and any of the novice or intermediate classes depending on their ability

What race classes can a fifteen year old race motocross?

The following is from one of my local motocross tracks, most local tracks should have something similar: 0-85cc 7-15 Beginner 0-85cc 14-15 years 150cc and smaller 4 Stroke, 15 years old & younger
 and any of the novice or intermediate classes depending on their ability

What size dirt bike should a 13 year old get?

For a trail rider, I would recommend a 125cc or 150cc 4 stroke for a shorter rider, or a 230cc if you are taller. If you want a two stroke, I would get an 85cc for a shorter rider. A 125cc two stroke would work for a taller rider if you have experience. These bikes are jumpy and very fast, so if you aren't experienced, take a class and only get one if you do very well. A full size 2 stroke requires good throttle control and they have more HP. For a 125cc, I would only get any year yz 125 (yamaha) or a 2001 to 2003 kx 125 (kawasaki). Other 125's aren't very good. My first and only bike is a 2001 kx 125. I've had it for a month and I love it. ONLY GET ONE IF YOU KNOW U R READY. (A 150cc four stroke is a good trail and race bike)

How tall is a 85CC?

there all different.

What is the fastest 85cc in the world?

The RM85

How fast is a 85cc dirt bike?

depends what stroke (4 or 2) uh the compression (low or high), allot of crap, my brothers 07 yz85 went 80 but that's with some work. i would guess that stock it was 70 maybe 65

What is cc is toms motorbike?

125cc 85cc

Do you have to shift on a dirt bike 85cc?


How do you clear a triple on a 85cc 2-stroke?

if your a brave person racing the outdoors then when you get out of that turn gas it in 5th gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! depending on how far it is if its small then gas it 4th gear now go get some air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!