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no. Centurylink Field is an open air stadium. the shelter pieces that cover the seats are not strong enough to support a full roof. the north end of the stadium is completely open so if a roof was ever added, it would be a VERY cold and windy place to go see a game.

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Q: Can Seattle Seahawks cover their stadium?
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Where is Seattle Seahawks home turf?

Their clubhouse is in Renton, Washington but the stadium is in Seattle.

What is the hometown of the Seattle Seahawks?

The home stadium is in Seattle. The practice facility is in Renton.

Is Dallas Cowboys stadium the largest in the world?

The Cowboys Stadium is the largest dome stadium in the world.

What stadium do the Seattle Seahawks practice in?

The VMAC (Virginia Mason Athletic Center)

Which NFL stadium have the most false start penalites occurred in?

Seattle Seahawks

What is the newest stadium in the NFL?

NY Giants and NY Jets at New Meadowlands

Where can one buy Seattle Seahawks tickets?

Seattle Seahawk tickets can be purchased from the official Seahawks webpage, or directly from the ticket office at the stadium. Avoid ticket touts and watch out for fakes.

Where is the Qwest stadium located?

Qwest stadium is officially named Qwest Field. It was called Seahawks Stadium until June 2004. The stadium is located in Seattle, Washington in the USA.

Are the Seattle Seahawks from Oregon?

No. The Seattle Seahawks are based in Seattle, Washington.

What state do the Seattle Seahawks come from?

The Seattle Seahawks are from Seattle, Washington.

What is Marshawn Lynch's number on the Seattle Seahawks?

Doug Baldwin is number 89 on the Seattle Seahawks.

What can you do at a Seattle Seahawks game?

Watch the game, eat a good ol' hotdog, and enjoy the amazing Quest Stadium.