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Yes, this is perfectly legal. The problem though arises as they are quite hard to see and trickier to find than white ones. Paula Creamer uses a pink Precept Golf ball on Sundays on the LPGA Tour. In 2005 or so Nike made a black 'Nike One Black' golf ball which was used by one golfer on the 18 th hole in a PGA Tour event, he said he could hardly see it once he hit it and said he'd never use it again. These black golf balls were one off golf balls which were included in a dozen box of Nike One Black golf balls.

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Q: Can PGA golfers use colored balls?
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65% or so

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Yes, pro golfers can use any colour of golf ball as long as it has been approved for tournament play.

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Yes, Professional Golfers always use the same caddy. They do so because they make get on well with them, they trust their club selection, are good with yardages and can help read putts.

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A PGA Tour player, can use any golf ball that is on the list of conforming golf balls, which is published by the USGA and R and A. The PGA Tour operates a one ball rule, this means if the player tees off with a Pro V 1 x on the first hole, the only ball they can use during the tournament is a Pro V 1 x, or they will be disqualified.

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