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Q: Can Olympians make money off movie deals and still play in college sports?
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What college generates most money from sports?

Ohio State

How much money does college sports make?

over 9000

How do Olympians earn money?


Where can one find coupons for Sports Authority?

There are many places that coupons for Sports Authority can be obtained? Their website occasionally offers money off deals and they sometimes issue money off vouchers in flyer posted to addresses near their stores.

Do us Olympians win any money?


How much money do college sports teams bring in annually?

around 10 million

What are the benefits of big time college sports?

Playing sports in college can help college athletes get better and expand their skills so they can play sports for money. Like how people play college football and have better chances to play in the CFL, NFL, or European football than someone straight out of high school. Same in all sports.

What is Olympians salary?

None, they get all their money from sponsers

Do schools in Israel have sports if so do you have to pay money if not is there community sports?

no they don't in some parts of Israel because the war going on. but in college they do.

Why do women get paid less the men in sports?

women get payed less than men in sports because men sports have higher attendance and larger network deals thus the orginozation has more money to pay the players

What is the book the money thief about?

Is this related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians?

Do college sports pay for themselves?

they get money from the government and sponsors from companies like nike, Adidas and undor armour

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