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yes, The 8 practice squad players can play in any game so long as the team keeps the active roster to the 53 man limit

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Q: Can NFL practice squad players play in games?
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Can a NFL practice squad team member travel to away games?

Practice Squad players do not travel to away games with their respective teams. Practice squad players are not elligible to play in games until they are added to their team's 53 man roster, so it would be pointless to bring them on the road. Check the link below for the portion f the NFL CBA that covers the Practice Squad.

What is the purpose of the NFL practice squad?

The practice squad consists of players that the team really likes but doesn't think are ready to play full time. These practice squad players are usually young, rookies and second year. Sometimes, should an injury occur to one of the regular players a player from the practice squad will be promoted to the regular squad to replace him.

What are the requirements to be placed on the practice squad?

Basically, 53 players make a football squad in the NFL. Of those 53, 45 dress to play for a game. The others are considered the 'practice squad'. There are no real requirements to be on the practice squad other than the coaching staff believes that you are the 46th-53rd best player on the team. The practice squad is very important since if someone on the 45 man active roster gets hurt, the first place a team will look to replace the injured player is the practice squad.The above is incorrect. The practice squad is an additional group of 8 players in addition to the regular roster of 53. For each game, 8 of the 53 players are designated as "inactive" for the game, but that is separate from the practice squad.

How many players are on an NFL roster?

The official playing roster of an NFL team is limited to 53 players. The total including the practice squad is eighty players. Injured reserve players are counted against this total but may not play or practice for the current season.

How many player are on an NFL roster?

The official playing roster of an NFL team is limited to 53 players. The total including the practice squad is eighty players. Injured reserve players are counted against this total but may not play or practice for the current season.

Average salary for NFL scout team players?

Each NFL team may keep up to eight members on their "practice squad" in addition to their 53-member main roster. They consist mostly of rookies who were cut in training camps and borderline NFL-caliber players. Both rookies and young veterans are eligible for the practice squad. However, a player cannot participate on the practice squad for more than three seasons. Practice squad players practice alongside regular roster players during the week, but they are not allowed to play in actual games. They can be paid considerably less than active squad players: The minimum salary from 2008 to 2010 is $5,200 per week (2008-2010)[1] for 17 weeks, or $88,400 per season, in comparison to the NFL minimum rookie salary of $285,000. (Some practice squad players are paid considerably more, however: In 2006, the New England Patriots paid third-year player Billy Yates the full $425,000 he would have earned on the active roster.)[2] Players can be promoted to the active roster either by their current team, or by another team who is scouting them. They retain free agent status and may sign with any team they wish without compensation to the original team.

What is a split-squad game?

A split squad game is a spring training in which a group of players play a team on the road and the rest of them play at home

Did Sampson Burton play in the NFL?

Yes, on the practice squad

How many players can dress for an NFL playoff game?

THE NFL roster is set at 53 men, of which 46 can dress for game day during the regular season and post season play. The teams can also have up to 10 players on the practice squad.

What is an active football roster?

The active roster is the list of 47 players who are activated for game play. The full team roster included 53 man roster and the 6 man practice squad.

In the NFL if signed to reserve future contract deal in the nfl is it likely or unlikely you'll play the following season as an active player are they in a better position than practice squad players?

It is very unlikely for a reserve future player to play.

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45 to 7511 players.11 playerThere are 52 players on a United Statesfootball team.Only 45 get to play in each game.There can be 11 on each field at a time.There are no limit on substitututions.382.53 not including the practice squad of 5

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