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Certainly , the NBA can draft players from Canadian colleges. However, that would be akin to drafting players from a poor high school conference in the US and I mean a poor high school conference.

The WCAC in Washington DC is a good conference and off the top of my head I can name several players who played NBA ball. DeMatha produced Sid Catlett, Derrick Whittenberg, Sidney Lowe, Bernard Williams, Danny Ferry, Joe Forte, Kenny Carr, Keith Bogans, Adrian Dantley, Adrian Branch ,Jerrod Mustaf, Hawkeye Whitney, Joe Kennedy , John Austin, Johnny Jones - are players who all attended DeMatha . Mackin (now closed) produced Austin Carr, Johnny Dawkins, Keith Herron, Dominic Pressley and Donald "Duck" Williams. Archbishop John Carroll wrought Ruben Boumtje, Tom Hoover , Eddie Jordan, Cedric Lewis and John Thompson (better known as Georgetown coach). St. John's of DC produced Collis Jones , Jack George, Bobby Lewis. Gonzaga College HIGH (my hs alma mater) is the most well reknowned academic institution in the conference ) has produced Robert Churchwell and Tom Sluby. The players from this one high school conference outnumber Canadian NBA players from all parts of Canada , all provices from coast and as far north as Canada goes. Canada DOES NOT produce Basketball players despite it's proximity to the US. Any decent player with ties to Canada i.e. born there, immigrated there , sought asylum there or any way is remotely connected to Canada will choose to go to the US for college because the competition is so poor in Canadian College ranks. The list below includes all Canadian NBA players from the inception of the NBA to present. Argentina and Australia produce more players than Canada. Vancouver outdrew NJ, Sacramento and the Pacers. Toronto was 19th in attendance. Where else are you going to go in Canada? Montreal -Winnepeg - be real ?

You can do hockey there but

The greatest Canadian of all, (born in South Africa and went to high school there ) Steve Nash went to college at Santa Clara. His career 14.6 ppg is the highest of any Canadian and his assists 8.5 pg are the highest numbers of any Canadian in the NBA. He was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws by the University of Victoria in 2008.Nash's has won 2 MVP awards. Some of these have been questioned ( I think it is a question of reverse discrimination in a black domonated league.)but they were well deserved. His all around play makes him worth more than all the Canadian players combined.

Sam Dalenburt - born in Haiti, immigrated to Canada because (the fridge) Canada is slightly more desirable than impovervished Haiti. He had the good sense to go to Pennsacola Jr. College and Seton Hall.

Jamal Magliore- born and actually attended hs there naturally went south of the border to the University of Kentucky. One year he averaged 16.2 ppg extremely for a player from Canada.

Rick Fox - who had a decent NBA career went to North Carolina. Prior to this he bid Canada a fare ado as he was eager to play against real competition in Warsaw , Indiana. One year he averaged 15.2 ppg in the NBA.

Todd MacCulloch - 7'0 beast (joke) lasted 4 years in the NBA. He had the good sense to go south for college at U. of Washington. He averaged 6.1 ppg and 4.0 rpg in the NBA. He lasted 4 NBA years.

Anthony Rautins- 10

Leo Rautins- The 6 ft 8 in, 215 lb Rautins was the first Canadian ever drafted in the first round of the NBA Draft going 17th overall to the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1983 Draft. Naturally he went to American Colleges Minnesota and Syracuse. He lasted a season and 4 GAMES (32 games total) scored 48 TOTAL NBA points for an even 1.5 ppg. in the NBA. He is in the CANADIAN BASKETBALL HALL OF FAME - like being named the winner of a beauty contest for fat girls.

Ernie Vanderweghe- was drafted in 3rd round in 1949. Even then he went to the US Colgate for college. One year in his 5 year career he averaged 12ppg.

Famous for being the father of Kiki.

Bill Wennington - had a bit of talent - mostly just being big- went to St. John's in New York. He had a long journeyman career never averaging more than 7.1pg (4.6 career avg) and never grabbing 5 rebounds per game.

Stewart Granger - lasted 3 years 80 games in the NBA. Career avg 4ppg and 1 rpg and 2.2 assists per game.

Ron Crevier another Canadian stud attended Boston College and lasted a total of 3 games without scoring a point - he did grab a rebound and his highlight is his 2 personal fouls.

Lars Hansen- born in Denmark grew up in Canada and was drafted in '77 in the 7th round by LA. Naturally he went south to the University of Washington.

He lasted 15 NBA games w/ 76 total points 5.5 ppg and 3.9 rpg.

Bob Houbregs- Played from '53 -'58. Averaged 9.3 ppg and 5.5 rpg - one of the top performers ever by a Canadian in the NBA.

Mike Smrek- had a tremendous NBA career by Canadian standards. A 7' center played from '85-86 - '91-92. Averaged 2.9 ppg and 2.2 rpg. Naturally he went south to Canisius College instead of playing in a Canadian College.

Hank Biasetti - played for the Toronto Huskies in the old BAA. Drafted in '47 and played a total of 6 games for 6 points. Went to college at Long Island University.

Bob Houbregs - Elected to NBA Hall of Fame - Naturally went to College at the University of Washington. in 1953 was NCAA player of year. In NBA avg 14 ppg and 8.3 rpg. I cannot rate players that I never saw - but HOF speaks for itself.

Jim Zoet - played a total of 7 NBA games in 1982. Scored a total of 2 points.

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Q: Can NBA teams draft players from Canadian colleges?
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