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Most likely not.

If you look at the stats and accolades it's very doubtful.

Michael Jordan won 6 regular season MVPs, and won all a finals MVP in each of the 6 championships he won. Kobe Bryant only has one regular season MVP, and 2 finals MVPs, even though he's won 5 championships. That alone proves he was second fiddle for 3 championships, something somebody of Michael Jordan's caliber would never let happen, nobody was better than him.

Then if we look at stats, Jordan averaged 30.1 PPG, on 49.7 FG%, and 32.7 3P%, over the period of 15 NBA seasons, including two seasons with the Wizards where he averaged 22 PPG, and 20 PPG. In the playoffs he was even better; he averaged 33.4 PPG on 48.2 FG%, and 33.2 3P%.

Kobe on the other hand, averaged 25.3 PPG, on 45.5 FG% and only 34.0 3P%, and usually when people compare Jordan and Kobe, they say Kobe is the MUCH better 3 point shooter. Turns out he's only 1.8% better, can't say that's much better. Then in the playoffs, he averaged 25.5 PPG (about the same), on 44.5 FG% (worse, but only a little) and 33.7 3P% which is good, but still not phenomenal.

So basing it off individual accolades and stats, I just don't see how Kobe is better.

I'm not going to delete your answer because you seemed to put a lot of thought into it, but you cant always look at the stats, one game this year Kobe only had 17 points but totally dominated the game. Kobe and Michael do the same moves, who does them better? Kobe does!

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Q: Can Kobe Bryant beat Michael Jordan?
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