Can Jameer Nelson dunk

Updated: 12/19/2022
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of course he can their are a few photos out their of him laying it up with his whole hand over the rim so he just chooses not to

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Q: Can Jameer Nelson dunk
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What is Jameer Nelson's birthday?

Jameer Nelson was born on February 9, 1982.

When was Jameer Nelson born?

Jameer Nelson was born on February 9, 1982.

What NBA team does Jameer Nelson play for?

Jameer Nelson plays for the Orlando Magic.

What position does Jameer Nelson play?

Jameer Nelson plays point guard for the Orlando Magic.

How much does Jameer Nelson weigh?

NBA player Jameer Nelson weighs 190 pounds.

What is Jameer Nelson's number on the Orlando Magic?

Jameer Nelson is number 14 on the Orlando Magic.

How old is Jameer Nelson?

Jameer Nelson is 35 years old (birthdate: February 9, 1982).

What college did NBA player Jameer Nelson play for?

NBA player Jameer Nelson played for Saint Joseph's.

Where does jameer nelson live?

Jameer Nelson lives in Orlando Florida with his 3 children and his wife Imani Tillery.

How much money does Jameer Nelson make?

NBA player Jameer Nelson made $8600000 in the 2013-2014 season.

How tall is jameer Nelson?

He is 6'1.

Who did the first basketball hop step?

jameer nelson