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Yes,you can be #0 in high school.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-27 12:24:46
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Q: Can I have 0 as my number in high school basketball?
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What is the score of a forfeit in high school basketball?

2 - 0

What is the score of a Forfeited High School Basketball Game?


Who had the longest winning streak in Iowa high school boys basketball?

Vinton Shellsburg high school is 20-0

What jersey numbers are allowed in High School basketball?

The only numbers you can use in basketball are made up of digits 0-5. This is so that the referee can use his hands to asses the penalty.

What is the height of a standard basketball post?

The basketball rim is exactly 10 ft 0 in. high

What year did the Canajoharie High School basketball team have an undefeated season?

1957-58, the team went 21-0 and was the class c sectional champion

What pro basketball player wore number 0?

Gilbert Arenas

Was there ever a basketball shutout?

Basketball shutouts are quite rare, but they do sometimes happen. These are virtually restricted to high school and amateur level. In the United States, high ranked schools are frequently seeded to play low-ranked schools, and the lopsidedness becomes quite clear. Mats Wermelin once scored all points in a 272-0 shutout in a high school game in Sweden on February 6, 1974. Also, a Michigan high school girls basketball team lost 61-0 to the third-ranked team in the state in 2004. Around the same time in the DC area, Eleanor Roosevelt (girls) beat Cardozo 108-0!

How much does it cost to go to school?

Elementary School: Middle School: High School: $0 $0 $0 College: In-state Out of state $25,000 $40,000

Which basketball players have worn jersey number 9?

usually basketball players use number 0-5 so that refs can signal their number when calling fouls..

What is the solution for 9x 2 plus 0x-81 0?

The answer to this equation is the number 99. This is taught in high school math.

What College Basketball Players wore the number 0?

Brian Shorter for Pitt

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