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If you are not a Canadian citizen, you can not board a flight to Canada without a return ticket. Buy a return, make sure that the return flight date can be changed.

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Q: Can I enter Canada without a return flight?
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Can you enter Cuba from Canada without a passport?

no you need a passport

What countries can enter Canada without visa free passport?


Do you need to have a return flight to enter Australia as tourist?

A tourist visa is valid for no more then 90 days, and you must have "proof" (an airplane or boat ticket home or to another country) of leaving the country within that time or you will not be allowed to enter.In actuality, you will not be allowed to board the flight to get to Australia without proof of having a ticket to leave.

Can a person who has US tourist visa travel to Canada on that visa without having a visa to enter Canada?

No not automatically.

What countries can a Botswana passport holder enter without having a visa?


Do you need a passport to enter Canada if you are minor traveling alone?

Nope, just photo I.D. It's like a domestic flight

Can felons enter Canada?

Can a convicted felon on probation enter into Canada?

Where to travel from Canada without a passport?

You can only travel to Canada without your passport if you already are a citizen of the country and will be traveling within the country. If not, all international travel and foreigners need a passport to enter the country.

Do you need a passport to return to the US from Canada?

A citizen of the US needs to provide proof of citizenship in order to re-enter the US, but it does not have to be a passport.

Where can a Canadian go on vacation without a passport?

Canadians can only travel with the country of Canada without a valid passport. A valid passport or a valid permanent resident card are the two acceptable forms of documentation to re-enter Canada without issue.

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In 2009 do you need a US passport to enter Canada bycar?

as of June 1st, yes. You'll need it more for your return to the US then anything else.

Can a person with a vincentian passport enter Canada Visa free?

not again you need a visa to enter to canada

Can you enter the US from overseas without a passport if your a United States Cit?

yes because you live there but you need it to go to Canada

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Can a convicted felon enter Canada and return to the us?

Chances are good that once you leave U.S. soil, that is if they let you, you may not get back. Homeland Security and all that

Greencard holder to enter Canada?

Yes green card holder can enter Canada. He/she would not require a passport.

How long after a DWI can you enter Canada?

i had a felony wi 15 years ago. will i be able to enter canada or immigrate there?

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How do you sneak into Canada?

It is illegal to enter Canada without identifying yourself to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) personnel at a proper border crossing, airport, or port of entry. WikiAnswers will not provide how-to information about committing illegal acts.

How does an illegal immigrant leave the US to return to their country without being banned from entering the US again?

make application to enter the US

Is a return ticket required for entry to turkey as an eu citizen?

no, as a EU citizin you are free to enter the country without proof of stay or returnticket.

When your USA visitor's visa expires can you return to Canada and enter USA again a week later?

You may go directly to a immigration lawyer! hurry!