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No, because both teams are in the National Football Conference. The Super Bowl is played each year between the NFC champion and American Football Conference champion. The best postseason matchup featuring the Cowboys and the Saints would be an NFC Championship Game.

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Q: Can Dallas Cowboys play New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl?
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Did the saints ever play dallas in the Super Bowl?

The New Orleans Saints and the Dallas Cowboys could never meet in the Super Bowl because they both are in the National Football Conference.

What was the New Orleans Saints record when they won the Super Bowl?

It was 13-3. The Dallas Cowboys ended the Saints winning streak.

What time will the Dallas Cowboys play on Thanksgiving 2010?

The Dallas Cowboys will play the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints at 4:15 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

What city is going to have the Super Bowl in 2010?

Ummm.... super bowl 2010 already happened, in Miami, and the New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts. Super Bowl 2011 is in Cowboys Statium, Dallas Texas.

If Dallas Cowboys beat the Vikings in the payoffs on Jan 17th 2010 will they be going to the Super Bowl?

No, the Cowboys would then need to defeat the winner of the New Orleans Saints-Arizona Cardinals game in the NFC Championship game on January 24 to advance to the Super Bowl.

What percentage of the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Championships was won in New Orleans?

2 of 5, or 40%

When did Dallas Cowboys win their first Super Bowl?

The Cowboys won their first Super Bowl in January 1972 in New Orleans, defeating the Miami Dolphins 24-3.

In what city was Super Bowl VI played in 1972 when the Dallas Cowboys won?

It was played in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Who did the Dallas Cowboys win their first Super Bowl against?

On January 16, 1972, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins, 24-3, in Super Bowl VI. The game was played at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans.

How many super bowls have the Dallas Cowboys lost?

The Dallas Cowboys have lost 3 super bowls.

When did the cowboys played Denver in the Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys played the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII on January 15, 1978. The Cowboys won 27-10 in that game played in the Superdome in New Orleans.

Dallas Cowboys super bowl losses?

Super Bowl V- Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Colts. ---Cowboys(13)--Colts(16) Super Bowl X-Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. ---Cowboys(17)--Steelers(21) Super Bowl XIII-Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers.---Cowboys(31)--Steelers(35)

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