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Yes, Because its that good I've done it I'm sure he can

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Q: Can Chi Chi Rodriquez hit two balls and cause them to hit in midair?
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What is Goku's wife name?

Chi-Chi, who is the daughter of the ox king. They meet early in the series when Goku was 14 when him and Bulma were trying to get the dragon balls.

Are chi balls real?

If your talking about the kind that blow stuff up, like in Dragon Ball Z, the no. However if you mean Chi that is invisible, but does have an effect on people then yes. I say they it will affect people, but I mean more along the lines of Chi therapy, and not hurting someone.

How did chi chi have goten if Goku was dead?

Goku was not permanently dead during the time Chi-Chi conceived Goten; he was revived shortly before Goten's birth with the help of the Dragon Balls. Thus, Goku was alive when Goten was conceived.

What cause the chi du chat syndrome in a baby?

5p trisomy

What is angel craft?

angle craft is just like witch craft but its not a sin you use chi balls to heal loved ones

Who does goku?

I am Goku, i am currently traveling the world searching for all the dragon balls so i can summon shenron and make my 3 wishs. My 3 wishs will be 1, to revive krillin, 2 become super saiyan 6, 3, get my bang on with chi chi.

Where is chi chi's mum?

Chi chi mom died when she gave birth to chi chi

When was CHI CHI created?

CHI CHI was created in 2011.

When was Chi-Chi's created?

Chi-Chi's was created in 1975.

When did Chi-Chi's end?

Chi-Chi's ended in 2004.

Who is goku black?

Goku black was created with the power of the super dragon balls summoned by Zamasu. Zamasu than use shenron to which body with him and Goku, meanwhile Goku was farming to earn money and then him Zamasu switched bodies Goten went to get Chi Chi and then Zamasu appeared as Goku he then murdered Goku and then killed Goten and Chi Chi

How do you unlock Bardock's ultimate move on Budokai 3?

get the dragon balls in dragon history on normal level, summon red shynron, look for the symbol that says Z, next to it it'll say new character, wish for it (or chose it) and you have chi-chi!