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Q: Can 4 bronze stars campaign get you a bronze star medal?
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How many medals did Chesty Puller have?

* Navy Cross - four gold award stars (Five Navy Crosses!) * Distinguished Service Cross * Silver Star * Legions of Merit - one gold award star and Valor device * Bronze Star - Valor device * Air Medal - two Gold Stars * Purple Heart * Presidential Unit Citation - four bronze stars * Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal - bronze star * Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal - bronze star * World War I Victory Medal - West Indies clasp * Haitian Campaign Medal * Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal * China Service Medal * American Defense Service Medal - Base Clasp * American Campaign Medal * Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal - four bronze stars * World War II Victory Medal * National Defense Service Medal * Korean War Service Medal - one silver star (in lieu of five bronze stars)

What is campaign medal with 1 bronze star?

Each star denotes a single campaign.

Do you have a picture of a bronze service star?

A Bronze Service Star was a small bronze star device that was added to a Campaign Medal to indicate 5 campaigns.

What is the difference between a Bronze Star and a Bronze Battle Star -?

The Bronze Star Medal was an award usually given for bravery in war. It was also given out for other reasons and during WW2 a few were awarded to civilians who helped support the troops. After 1947, the Army decided to award a BSM to every infantryman who had fought in combat and was awarded the Combat Infantryman's Badge. The BSM was a bronze star that hung from a ribbon mostly Red in color with Blue stripe down the center and White on the outside edge.The Bronze Star Device was a star that attached to a Campaign Medal to designate a 2nd or 3rd, etc. award of the Campaign Medal. A soldier was credited with a Campaign Medal for each campaign, such as Normandy, Ardennes, Anzio-Rome. So if a soldier served in 3 campaigns, he would be issued one Campaign Medal for the area of the war he served in and two Bronze Stars he could attach to the ribbon of the Campaign Medal.

Why did you get awarded medals in World War 2?

There are two different types of "bronze star" awards that can be listed in Army records.On the Army campaign ribbon, small bronze stars are affixed to indicate campaign participation. For example, a soldier who participated in three campaigns would have three bronze stars on his campaign ribbon.There is a medal called bronze star, awarded for either performance or valor in combat.Three bronze star medals in a war are more likely campaign stars than separate medals.

What campaign does the bronze star award have to do with?

The Bronze Star was a device added to a campaign medal for a second award of the campaign medal.If a soldier served in battles in France and Germany, he may have been in 3 campaigns. He would have been issued the campaign medal for that theater which is called the European - African - Middle Eastern Campaign Medal. The EAME Campaign medal was awarded for any campaigns in North Africa, Italy, Germany, France, etc. For the 1st Campaign he would received the ribbon (they usually did not give out the medal during the war). For the second and third campaign he would receive 1 Bronze Star Device for each campaign. This small star was attached to the ribbon. It was also attached to the ribbon of the Medal itself.There were other Campaign medals for the Pacific. The same would apply for these.This Device should not be confused with the Bronze Star Medal. This medal was in the shape of a star and made of Bronze. It was awarded for bravery in combat but it was also given out for other accomplishments. In 1947, the rules were changed to award the Bronze Star Medal to any infantryman who had earned the Combat Infantryman's Badge---signifying he had been in combat.

What is the difference between the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart?

The Bronze Star Medal is an award presented for heroic or meritorious achievement or service not involving participation in aerial flight. The medal is suspended from a red ribbon with a narrow blue stripe down the middle of the ribbon. A Bronze BATTLE Star is worn upon the Campaign Ribbon of the Theater that the veteran served in. Each Bronze BATTLE Star indicates a campaign that the veteran participated in. When the veteran has earned five Bronze BATTLE Stars, the five are replaced by a single Silver BATTLE Star. My father served in six campaigns in the MTO & ETO, so on his ribbon there was a silver & a bronze campaign star. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

What is ETO ribbon with 4 bronze stars?

Each Bronze Star represents a separate campaign (battle) they were part of. Four Bronze Stars four seperates campaigns.

Good Conduct Medal Placement of stars for 8 awards?

The silver star, indicating 5 subsequent awards, should be centered on the ribbon with a bronze star on either side. If on a medal the bronze stars should be above and beneath the silver star which should always be centered in the middle of the ribbon. If on the ribbon award, the bronze stars should be just to the right and left of the silver star.

How many Silver Stars were awarded in World War 2?

The Silver Star Medal was awarded only for heroism in combat. In the medal hierarchy it ranks after the Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Service Cross (or Navy Cross) which are also only given for heroism in combat and before the Bronze Star Medal (either a heroism or meritorius service medal). This is a high honor for any serviceman. Occasionally people will ask this question because they have a campaign ribbon or other decoration with small 1/4 inch stars attached that are either bronze or silver in color. These stars indicate the number of times the decoration was awarded or the number of campaign's the recipient participated in. A bronze star equals 1 and a silver star equals five bronze stars

What is the British army equivalent of the American army bronze star medal?

As the Military Cross is roughly equivalent to the Silver Star, the closest award in the British Army to a Bronze Star would be Mention in Despatches. This is not a medal, but usually awarded as an oak leaf allowed to be worn on the campaign medal.

When was Bronze Star Medal created?

Bronze Star Medal was created on 1944-02-04.