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Q: Can 11th graders play jv football in georgia?
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Do young kids play football?

Yes, some 3rd graders play tackle football. Many younger kids also play touch and flag football.

How many sixth graders play football?

There are many sixth grades that play football, but cannot be exactly counted due to the amount fo recreational, travel and school teams worldwide.

When do the Organ Ducks play UT Vols in football?

Sept, 11th 2010 @ UT

Does Georgia have a football team?

Yes, the Georgia State Panthers play in the Colonial Athletic Association

If there are 90 sixth graders and 70 percent of them are in a play how many sixth graders are in the play?

There are 63 sixth graders in the play - 90*70% = 63.

What kind of sport do people play in Georgia?

The sports people play in Georgia are Football, Basketball, Rugby Union, Wrestling, and Weightlifting

Who did Matt storm play football for?

Georgia Bulldogs and Orlando Predators

Why cant 6th graders play football?

At some schools they allow it such as basketball, volleyball etc. In 7th grade most schools start sports there.

What sports do the people that live in the country Georgia play?

Mainly football, basketball and rugby.

Did indiana university ever play the University of georgia in football?

No, not through the 2010 season.

Is it safe to have 6th graders playing softball with 12 graders?

haha(: no. you should never have them play together unless the 12th graders suck and your sixth graders are beastly(:

What games do seventh graders play?