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there is no answer Chad Ochocinco son!

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Q: Calvin Johnson related to Chad Johnson?
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Is chad Johnson and chris Johnson related?

no they are not related

Are Chad Johnson and Keyshawn Johnson in the NFL related?

Yes. They are cousins.

How are Syleena Johnson and Chad Ochocinco related?

They're brother and sister.

Who is better Andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson?

Calvin johnson

What was Chad Ochocinco's real name?

His real name is Chad Javon Johnson Ochocinco.

Who is better Miles Austin or Chad Johnson?

Chad Johnson or Esteban Ochocinko

When was Chad S. Johnson born?

Chad S. Johnson was born in 1967.

Is Chad Johnson a clutch player?

Yes, Chad Johnson is a Clutch player.

Is chad Johnson faster then ladainian tomlinson?

chad Johnson by 0.1 seconds

Who is Chad Johnson dating?

Rubi form Chad Johnson's Ulitmate Catch

What is Calvin Johnson's birthday?

Calvin Johnson was born on November 1, 1961.

When was Chad Johnson born?

Chad Johnson was born January 9, 1978, and he is now legally named Chad Ochocinco.