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A Canadian football field measures 110 yards from goal line to goal line, and 65 yards wide. The end zones are 20 yards deep.

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Q: CFL football field measurements
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What is the length of the CFL football field?

CFL fields are 110 yards long without the end zones. With the endzones, they are 150 yards.

What is the CFL?

The CFL is the Canadian Football League. The CFL is Canada's professional football league.

Is CFL the football field bigger than any other?

Not really. It's the same size as all the other football fields in Canada.

Which field is longer CFL or NFL field?

a cfl field is longer it is 150 yard(with end zones) and nfl is 120 yards with end zones so cfl field is longer

What are the differences between NFL and CFL football?

NFL is four downs and cfl is three therefore having more passing. Also the cfl field is longer(120 yards and 20 yard endzones) compared to NFL which is(100 yards and 10 yard endzones). Finally the cfl ball is larger.

How big is a CFL football field?

The field of play in Canadian football is 110 yards long and 65 yards wide. The end zones are 20 yards deep. In total, it is slightly more than two acres.

What is CFL football?

The Canadian Football League

What is the difference between NFL and CFL?

NFL field=120 yards (100 yard playing field, 2 endzones 10 yrds each) CFL Field=150 yards (110 yard playing field, 2 endzones 20 yrds each) NFL plays with four downs CFL plays with three downs The CFL rewards 1 point for a touchback, the NFL does not. In the NFL, the uprights are at the back of the endzone, in the CFL, they are at the front No fair catch in the CFL A CFL ball is bigger

How long is a football flied long in yards?

You should specify WHICH kind of football as this is an international forum.A British football field (Soccer) is 100 yards long.An NFL football field is 120 yards long.A CFL ( Canadian) football field is 150 yards long.An AFL (Australian ) football field has no fixed dimension and can be from 135 to 185 metres long, and is always oval shaped.

Is a CFL football the same size as an NFL football?

no cfl is a wider ball but is not as long, i find it harder to throw and is just stupid

What is NFL and cfl?

NFL stands for "National Football League," which is the professional football league in the USA. CFL stands for "Canadian Football League," which is the professional football league in Canada.

When did the CFL become a league?

The CFL (Canadian Football League) was founded on January 17, 1958.

How long is the football playing field?

In the NFL - 120 yardsIn the CFL - 150 yards

Is a CFL football bigger than a nfl football?

nfl is random

What does CFL stands for?

Canadian Football League

What is Canada's national football league?


What is the definition of CFL?

Canadian Football League.

Are the size of CFL football same as NFL football?

No significant difference in size between the two.

Difference between NFL football and CFL football?

NFL is just basically the states (except when they play a game in Toronto and England) and CFL is all Canadian since it unexbanded

Where can you find the official rules and regulations of CFL Football?

Go to or purchase the CFL Facts and Records Book.

What is the width of CFL field?

The width of a Canadian football field is 65 yards, its length is 110 yards, and the end zones are 20 yards deep. The goal posts are on the goal lines.

How wide is a CFL field?

65 yards.

Where can you buy CFL football in US?

You can buy them online.

How many referees in a CFL football game?


How much do CFL players get paid?

Salaries in the Canadian Football League are much lower than those in the National Football League. CFL players make an average salary of $80,000 per year.