Build drift cars

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Q: Build drift cars
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What are the cheapest cars to build into drift cars?

Its a 1996 Toyota Supra, or you can use a Nissan Silvia S15.

What is unique about drift cars?

Drift cars are usually light weighed cars with the ability to "drift" while maintain control. Not all cars are allowed in drifting competitions, nor are they suitable for drifting. However, these "drift cars" are.

What is the difference between regular cars and drift cars?

Drift cars differ from ordinary cars in that they are generally modified for racing. They are rear wheel drive cars. They are called drift for the fondness of drivers of these cars for hanging the tail out and "drifting" while cornering.

Where can one purchase RC drift cars?

You can buy RC drift cars at the website called KYOSHO, they have the best cars in the market! You can find excellent quality cars there. The RC drift cars are not just a "toy" they are really expensive.

What are some movies that feature drifting cars?

Although unfamiliar with the term drifting cars, research has provided a number of movies that feature drifting cars. There are a number of movies titled Drift 1, Drift 2, Drift 3, Drift 4, Drift 5, Drift 6 and Drift 7. There are also Drift Special - Beauty Battle, and Drift GTR.

do you like drift cars?


Can you drift with an automatic car?

Depends on the car, some cars can drift with automatic.

Can Ford Mustangs drift?

Yes, in fact, all cars can drift, as long as you're careful on how the drift starts.

What happen to cars when drift?

They go sideways

Do Indy cars drift while they race?


Where you get Tokyo drift cars in gta sanandres?

on a island

What are the best cars to build into drift cars?

A rear wheel drive car would be the best. This means that when accelerated the back can "flick out" sending the car into a drift. A rear wheel drive car means that is has better handling while drifting as the power is not coming from the front steering wheels. Some decent models of drift cars are: Toyota Supra Scion TC Nissan 350Z Nissan Silvia Mazda RX7 Mazda RX8

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