Build a water polo goal

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Q: Build a water polo goal
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Name a water sport in which a goal can be scored?

Water polo.

In which sport will you find two teams defending goals of different sizes?

Ther answer is Water Polo. The goal at the deep end is smaller than the goal at the shallow end.

What are the points worth in water polo?

There are no points in water polo, the aim is to score goals as in football (or soccer)

What is the similar between horse polo and field hockey?

Polo is played on a field while on horseback with the player hitting the ball with a polo mallet in order for it to get into the goal, whereas in water polo it is played in the water and it has more of a resemblance to netball, except you are only allowed to catch with one hand. hope this helped!

How many seconds to attempt to score a goal water polo?


Merrill Moses participates as a goal keeper in what sport?

Water polo.

How many seconds does the player have to shoot a goal in water polo?

45 sec

What is an example of a player switching from defense to offensive?

a Water Polo player intercepting a pass and throwing the ball to score a goal. -apex :)

What is a goal scored in polo called?


How many seconds does a water polo team have to attempt to scor a goal when they get the ball?


How much does equipment for water polo cost?

A water polo goal, a shot clock, a score board, a water polo ball, and last but not least the player. Water polo swimming apparel are speedos, and a cap saying the number/team color. No goggles are worn.

How many goalkeepers are in a water polo game?

Two, one for each goal or one for each team.