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yes in the 90's the bills were known for making the playoffs and going to the superbowl but always losing in the end, with and amazing Qb Jim Kelly and Defensive End Bruce Smith, the team would have the key exponents to making the superbowl only to lose it in the end to the Giants, Redskins, Cowboys twice,






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Q: Buffalo Bills beat in championship 90 91 92 93?
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Who owns the Buffalo Bills?

The owner of the NFL's Buffalo Bills is Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. He is the founder, owner, and president of the team. He is the oldest of all nfl owners at the age of 90, currently.

What years did the Buffalo Bills play in a super bowl?

90 91 92 93

Which quarterback has made the most Super Bowl starts without a win?

Somebody for the Buffalo Bills team of the 90's. they went to four straight losing everyoneAnswerGale Gilbert was a backup quarterback for the four Buffalo Bills Super Bowl teams and for the San Diego Chargers the year they went to the Super Bowl.Gale Gilbert was on the bench. He did not play-this is an incorrect answer

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What 3 teams have lost the most Super Bowls?

* The Minnesota Vikings were the first...losing IV, VIII, IX, & XI * The Denver Broncos were next...losing XIII, XXI, XXII, & XXIV * The Buffalo Bills have the only distinction of losing all four of their Super Bowls in a row (XXV,XXVI,XXVII, & XXVIII)

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