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Q: British tv Dragon Theo Paphitis was the chairman of which London football club for eight years until 2006?
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How do you get a football dragon on Dragon City?

you breed 1 and another dragon

How do you breed football dragon in Dragon City?

gummy + soccer=wind dragon

When was British Dragon Boat Racing Association created?

British Dragon Boat Racing Association was created in 1987.

Who is the least richest dragon in dragons den?

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What is the simbal of the welsh football unifum?

It is a dragon.

What happened to the 'dragon's teeth gate'?

it was destroyed by the british in 1848.

What will be the result if you breed flaming rock dragon to ice dragon in Dragon City?

You get football dragon by breedingsnowflake and flaming rock

Does Dragon Ball Z come on in british TV?

no it doesnt

What are the ratings and certificates for Heart of a Dragon - 2008?

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What is a 'crusty dragon' in British slang?

Unfortunately you'll hear this in the poorer areas of Britain. A crusty dragon is a crispy booger/bogey. For example: 'SIR! Liam threw a crusty dragon at me!'

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No, the British blowed the gate up.

Has a dragon ever appeared on a British One Pound coin?

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