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yes. boxer muhammed ali is still alive.

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Q: Boxer Muhammed Ali Is he still Alive?
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Related questions

Who is the best boxer dead or alive or retired?

Muhammed Ali

What disease did muhammed Ali die from?

Although suffering from Parkinson's disease, Muhammed Ali is, to my knowledge, still alive.

What was the day that Muhammad Ali died?

The boxer Muhammad Ali is still alive .

How long did muhammed ali live?

he's still alive lol

Why did Muhammed Ali become a boxer?

Muhammmed ali became a boxer when he was 12 when his bike was stolen in 1954

What is muhhamed Ali?

Muhammed Ali is a famous boxer know as the champion

Who is the best heavy weight boxer?

Muhammed Ali

Most popular boxer's of the world?

muhammed ali

Muhammad ali when did he die?

If you mean the boxer, then he is still alive as of 2012.

When did Muhammed Ali die?

He has not died, as of 24th November 2009 he is still very much alive.

Is Muhammad ali dead boxer?

He is still alive as of May 2, 2013.

Is Muhammed Ali alive?


When did mahamad ali die?

if you mean the boxer, he's still alive as of Jan 2010.

Who is the hot black chick in the latest Subway commercial with the athletes?

Laila Ali (Muhammed Ali's daughter) and a champion boxer

Why was Muhammed Ali famous?

For being the greatest boxer and turning down going to war

How did Mohammad ali died?

He has not died, he is 67 years old and still alive. He is not dead he is alive and sick he is a muslim and a boxer

Whot boxer floted lick a buterfliy and stung lick a bee?

Muhammed Ali

Does muhammed Ali still box?

Muhammad Ali does not box anymore because of serious Brain Damage and he probably won't ever fight again, He is currently right now helping outreached Leeds in England and helping alot of people, Ali is still the Greatest boxer there ever lived and he is the Champ.

Was Ali always a heavey weight boxer?

No. Muhammed Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, won the gold medal in the 1960 Olympics as a light heavyweight.

Where is Muhammad ali the boxer now?

yes he is alive

Is Cassius clay still alive?

As of 2014, Cassius Clay is alive. The former boxer, also known as Muhammad Ali, has Parkinson's disease which limits his ability to speak.

Was Muhammad Ali always a Heavyweight boxer?

No. Muhammed Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, won the gold medal in the 1960 Olympics as a Light heavyweight.

This athlete converted to islan under the tutelage of the honorable Elijah muhammed and refused to fight in the Vietnam war?

Muhammad Ali the boxer

Is tatyana ali related to muhammed ali?

yes she is Tatyana ali is related to muhammed ali. tayana is his dauhgter

How many wifes did muhammed Ali have?

Muhammed Ali had seven wives