Bowling ball grit

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It varies from ball to ball.

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Q: Bowling ball grit
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What does grit mean on bowling balls?

The surface of the bowling ball is usually sanded or polished during manufacturing or by the proshop operator. It relates to the grit of wet sandpaper or polish.

How can friction be reduced while playing bowling?

If you are speaking of the ball friction on the lane, it can be reduced by the lane oil used by the center lane maintenance crew or reduced by using ball that has been sanded with fine sand paper grit and polished.

What does abraion - Abralon perhaps- mean in bowling balls?

Abralon Pads are a flexible sanding material made by KWH Mirka Ltd. of Finland. Which can be used. for many application's. The abrasive is silicon carbide bonded to a knitted fabric on a foam backing. The grit is rated using the European F.E.P.A. "P" scale and has a grit range of 180, 360, 500, 600 1000, 2000, 400. The flexible weave allows water and air to pass freely through it. Bowling Ball manufactures starting using it to surface and put the final texture on their bowling balls. Pro-shops operator's and player's soon followed, using them to resurface and adjust bowling ball coverstock's. User's found the Abralon pads flexible nature conformed to the ball's shape better and the higher tolerance "P" scale proved a more accurate, consistent texture. They are not meant to be used for ordinary cleaning of a bowling ball (like removing oil or grime off the ball surface.) They are a abrasive like sandpaper and will alter the surface texture.

Do urethane bowling bowls hook on oily lanes?

Yes. So can plastic, rubber or the current reactive balls.However, there are a lot of factors that determine if a ball will hook beyond if the lanes have a heavy oil condition, such as:Weight of the ballSurface of the ball (polished or dull, grit ball was sanded to, if ball is clean)Core design of the ballSurface materials of the ball.Delivery of the ball (Some bowlers have such a strong hand rotation that they can make a cheap plastic ball hook just as much as a urethane or reactive ball).

Where do you get grit?

you get grit from Sweden

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