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TRUEBobby Fischer became world Chess champion in 1972.

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Q: Bobby Fischer became world chess champion in 1972?
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How did Bobby Fischer become famous?

Bobby Fischer became famous as a chess grandmaster. Bobby Fischer was the eleventh World chess champion and is widely regarded by chess critics as one of the best chess players ever.

Is Fischer the world Chess Champion?

Bobby Fischer is not the current World Chess Champion. Anand is.

Who was the first ever American World Chess Champion?

Bobby Fischer became the first American World Chess champion in 1975.

Is bobby fischer still the champion chess player?

No, Anand is the World Champion. Bobby Fischer died on January 17, 2008, in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Did Bobby Fischer invent chess?

No, Bobby Fischer did not invent chess. He was a grandmaster, a very good chess player, but did not invent chess.

Who is Bobby Fischer's rival in chess?

Boris Spassky was one of Bobby FIscher's rivals in chess.

What is Bobby Fischer famous for?

Bobby Fischer is an American chess player born on 9 March 1943. Fischer was the first American world chess champion and became as famous for his genius as he did for his personality quirks. He was known before becoming famous as being a reclusive figure and would commonly argue about trivial matters such as lighting during a chess game.

Whom did Bobby Fischer defeat in 1972 to become Chess World Champion?

Boris Spassky of the USSR.

Bobby fisher became world chess champion in what year?


Who was the soviet and world chess champion 1969-72?

Boris Spazzky. He was defeated in 1972 by American Bobby Fischer.

What nicknames did Bobby Fischer go by?

Bobby Fischer went by The Bad Boy of Chess.

What was Bobby Fischer known for?

Bobby Fischer was a champion chess player, considered by some to be the best player of all times. He began competing in chess competitions at the age of fourteen years, collecting many wins and championships throughout his lifetime.

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