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Bruised rib

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Q: Billy is injured during a high school football game his chest is badly bruised and he is experiencing difficulty breathing What might the problem be?
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How do you protect bruised ribs for football?

You don't play, or a flack jacket

Can you hurt yourself while breathing in and out?

If you had bruised or cracked ribs, or a lung disease or ailment, then breathing in and out would likely cause pain. However, I don't believe you can physically harm yourself simply by breathing.

What are the hazards for football?

there are alot of injuries that can occur while playing football like, broken or bruised, becoming paryalised, concussions, and death.

Can sharp pain when breathing in be a bruised lung?

If it's a lot of pain you really need to see a doctor and worry about inconvenience and money later! If not too bad and no real trouble breathing; don't worry and rest to let it heal. It is more likely to be a cracked or bruised rib then something internal.

How long does it take for a bruised lung to heal?

A bruised lung, diaphragm, or pleura may take two to four weeks to heal, if there is no subsequent re-injury. Breathing difficulties may persist, however, for up to six months in some injuries.

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Bruised is not a term used to describe diamonds.

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