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Leeds united without any doubt

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Q: Biggest supported football club in Britain?
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Biggest supported English football club in china?

Birmingham City

The best football team in the would?

leeds united have the best history and are a well supported club i have heard mitchell parrish is there biggest fan

What is the biggest defeat for Celtic Football Club by Falkirk Football Club?

0 - 13

Who is most supported football club?

Manchester United

Is the Manchester united club biggest rich in the world?

No , It is'NT the biggest rich club. It is Chelsea football club

Gerrad plays for which football club?


What European football team is supported most in J Japan?

Liverpool football club is the most supported European team in japan.

What football club has the biggest stadium?

Barcelona fc

What football club has the biggest support?

Manchester united

Where is Arsenal football Club rank as the world most supported club?

the 4th most supported club in the world after Barcelona, R Madrid, M Utd then Arsenal

Are Hearts the third biggest football club in Scotland?

No, Hibernian Football Club are. Tynecastle holds just over 16,000 where as Easter Road hold about 20,460. Hibs are the 3rd biggest club in Scotland

What is worlds biggest myth?

Portsmouth Football Club's support