Best to worst nhl teams for 2009?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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Right now

1) san Jose sharks

2) New Jersey devils

3) colarado avalanches

4) pitsburg penquins

5) los angeles kings

6) washinghton capitals

7) Calgary flames

8) Vancouver canucks

9) New York rangers

10) phoneix cyotes

11) Chicago Blackhawks

12) buffalo saberes

13) philedelphia flyers

14) Montreal canadiens

15) Detroit red wings

16) Columbus blue jakets

17) Edmonton oilers

18) Boston brunes

19) dallas stars

20) Nashville Predators

21) Ottawa senators

22) atlanta thrashers

23) minesota wilds

24) Tampa bay lightnings

25) New York islanders

26) st.Louis blues

27) Anaheim ducks

28) Florida panthers

29) Toronto maple leafes

30) Carolina Hurricanes

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Q: Best to worst nhl teams for 2009?
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Which NHL team is the worst?

This changes over time with each season as teams are constantly improving their rosters or getting worst. For example. 3-4 years ago the Chicago Blackhawks were one of the worst teams in the league,but this year won the Stanley Cup. Statistically, during the 2009/10 season the worst team was the Edmonton Oilers.

What are the best non NHL hockey teams?


Who are the best teams currently in the NHL?

The Philadelphia Flyers

What are the best non-NHL hockey teams?


Where do the nhl teams stay while in Washington?

The best western.

How manny NHL teams?

There are currently 30 teams in the NHL.

Is there 48 NHL teams?

No there are only 30 NHL teams.

How many NHL teams were there in 2005?

In 2005, there were 30 NHL teams.

How many teams are their currently in the NHL?

There are 30 teams currently in the NHL.

Who has the worst start to a season in nhl history?

The Washington Capitals 8-67-5 in their first season (1974-75).

How many teams does the NHL have?

The NHL is comprised of 30 teams - 24 in the United States and 6 in Canada.

2 worst nhl teams right now?

Right now 1) Carolina hurricanes 2) Toronto maple leafes