Best socer player

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mia hamm! i love you mia and you rock

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Q: Best socer player
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Who is the best socer player?

Pele the brilliant brazilan.

What is the worlds best sport?

the worlds best sport is football or as Americans call it socer every part in the world plays socer.

Is socer the best sport in the world or not?

By "socer" I believe you mean "soccer" and to whether or not soccer is the best sport in the world it is based ultimately on personal opinion.

How many countries have a soccer team?

there r 229 international socer team and if u want to know there rating by the best socer team to the worest go to this link

Who is the best soccer player on Mexico's team?

well Mexico has allot of great soccer players .For example they have carlos vela ,javier hernandez , and guardado . even though there is allot of them ,the best soccer player is Giovanni Dos Santos . He is the best socer player in Mexico . by ariana pere . i love u gio 2 Santos :)

What charms go on a custom bracelet?

The best charms to put on your custom bracelet are ones that describe you. Most people pick charms that involve their lives in some way. For example, a socer player may use a soccer ball charm or maybe even a cleat.

Who is Barcelona best player?

mesi is barc's best player

Who is The best fottball player of the decade?

the best player is C.RONALDO!!!!!

Who are the 10 best socer players?

1) Cesc Fabregas2) Robin van-persie3) Lionel Messi4) Cristiano Ronaldo5) David Villa6) Frank Lampard7) Didier Drogba8) Fernando Torres9) Steven Gerrad10) John Terry

Who is best player of space inveders?

i am the best player on space invaders

Who is the mens best handball player?

the best player is nokilai karabitich

Who is the best player in rune scape?

The Best RuneScape player out there is; - * G3rvase

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